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Help Promote New Author

The hardest part for me as a writer isn’t the writing, editing, creating book covers or even formatting my novel for publishing – no the hardest part for me personally is to promote!

I’m TERRIBLE at saying “Look at what I’ve done.”

On my lunch break, I type/edit/create at work, and have done so for years, and yet there are still many people in my office that have no idea I’m a writer. It’s just not in me to ask people to read my books.


Even as a kid, fundraisers for school were awful. Thankfully, Mom took the papers to her work where people signed up. I couldn’t ask for myself.

SO… where does that leave me, a self-published author with three books to promote and more on the way?!?

I’m glad you asked:


Four Easy Steps:

  1. Buy the books
  2. Read the books
  3. Share about the books/author
  4. Book talk invites

Simple, right?

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Accepting Grace

In Life, Everyone Needs a LuLu

Life When I started writing about Hillary, I was hooked, wanting to know more about her life. Her character was someone I knew I wanted to write more about even from the brief mention in book one, Restoring Grace. I knew her controlling mother would cause Hillary to have a unique story, very similar in ways to my own.

Most people don’t know, but I understand completely how Hillary felt.

My father was very controlling and manipulating. He had my life mapped out from birth… and it was not the life I dreamed of. His plan had me going to a two-year college for an AA degree in computers, then on to a BA in computer programming… ugh… not my idea at all. Anyone who knew me, understood that I only tolerate computers.

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