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ISO a Nanny Interview with Luke Toledo

Luke Toledo, Firefighter in Marietta, Georiga

Good Morning Luke. I haven’t seen you since your sister’s funeral. How are you and the kids?

Luke Toledo: He sits in the empty chair across from Anna and with a weary look on his face. Okay, considering. I’m glad you were able to meet me for coffee. I’m reaching out to everyone I know in search of a nanny for my nieces and nephew. I go back to work in a week and need help desperately.

ACB: That’s why I’m here. I thought I’d find out more of what you need and are looking for in nanny so when I talk tell people, I can answer any questions they might have.

LT: That would be great. Well, let me see, I think the biggest would be someone who’s great with kids. Maybe someone older, who knows what they are doing.

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… Then I Lost My Flash Drive

I had a different post planned for today and then I lost my flash drive… lost

But let’s start at the beginning…

I am a creature of habit and I like my routine for my personal life, anyway. I recognize that my job as a manager in the Custom Design Studio at Shaw Contract is ALL ABOUT CHANGE which is why I cling to my routine at home. I have had this week planned for months… Up on Sunday morning early to write, church, last afternoon of the craft fair and then holiday week to write, rest, and get some fun things done for my writing… and then I lost my flash drive…

All was looking good… I had all but three chapters left for book four being completed, my sister was moving in with my Mom and me on Monday, and even though the house was a DISASTER it was only temporary because we would clean some the week, I was on vacation to prep for Christmas decorating on Friday after Thanksgiving… and then I lost my flash drive… Continue reading “… Then I Lost My Flash Drive”

Behind the Curtain

Editor & Friend, AKA my Mom

This past Saturday, I had the privilege to throw my mother a surprise birthday party! It was her first birthday party ever and so many friends came out on a cold, November evening to celebrate my sweet mother. I can’t tell you all the kind things said but it was all about how wonderful she is and how blessed everyone felt to know her.

It was wonderful for her to hear these words from friends and family. She doesn’t always understand how truly special and unique, she truly is, to not only me and my family but to others, she blesses with her love and kindness.

I’ve truly been blessed to have her in my life. She’s been not only a mother, but friend, counselor, confidant, sneaky co-conspirator, shopping partner, BFF, and on and on I could go.

One of the most wonderful ways our relationship has grown has been through my writing as she has helped me edit my books.

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