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Photoshop Tips for Images: Part II of Social Media Management

How I Manage My Social Media Accounts

Part 2: Photoshop Tips for creating beautiful images & graphics

 “You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” Ansel Adams

After focusing earlier in the month on how I manage my social media accounts through a spreadsheet, today’s post looks at creating the images for my three main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But first, a quick recap of Part 1:

On June 5, I broke down my steps for managing my social media accounts. (Post Here) I had a lot more information to include but realized I needed several posts to cover all of the information.

1: Create Monthly Social Media List in Excel

2: Put in Holiday/National Days, and Plan Blog Posts for the Month

3: Plan how to tie to a Novel, Author, Writing, etc. for each day I will post

4: Planning photos for each post and social media account

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Relax & Rest Month 30 Days of Me

Relax“Relax”, he said. “I’ll fix it,” he said!

I was waiting for the tech guy at work to fix my computer, again! They got one problem solved, but then my internet was knocked out, and after that was fixed, my phone system wouldn’t work right…

Needless to say, it’s been a rough week, and I’m typing this on a Monday…

While I was waiting for the tech guy to finish, I was thinking about writing this post. I knew I wanted to address the REST and RELAX part from my blog on April 13, where I talk about Balance.

But doing so means I need to do some confessing…

I didn’t listen to my own writing… Since the post on balance and rest, I’ve finished a novel, edited another one, launched one, set up social media for the month of May and June. Worked 40+ hours a week on my non-writing job, spent some extra time with my mentee before school let out…

On and on, I could go with my to-do list.

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Planning & Organizing: Part I

Social Media for Authors

My Step by Step process for Planning & Organizing
Three of the Major Social Media accounts

Sitting at Starbucks early on Saturday morning planning June’s social media posts!

When I decided to become a self-published author, I read a lot about what to do and not do. Most everyone recommended having a website AND a strong social media presence.

This was difficult because up until this time I just had a Facebook page (which I only got to keep up with church group events during college) and I had no desire for anything else. I like my life being private.

But I kept finding posts and books in my research which said this was a MUST DO action to be a self-published author to get my name and novels out in the world.

So, I set up business accounts for 3 major social media sites:

Facebook Business Page 

Great, I have accounts, but what do I put on them? I’m not a document every moment of my life kind of girl and I can only take so many pictures of my laptop and a cup of coffee.

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