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about anna christine boulier

It was summertime and I was BORED! Nothing to do and it was too hot to go outside. My mother asked what was wrong. I sullenly told her there was nothing to do. Being a librarian, her go-to answer was to read a book. I was having none of it that day. I exploded into the quiet house, yelling at the top of my lungs,

“There’s nothing to read! I’ve read everything in the house. I’m not a baby anymore, I’m almost a teenager. I want to read something more than stupid kid’s books.”

My mother stood there a moment and to my shock, instead of fussing at me, she said, “You’re right. Follow me.”

Dumbfounded, I followed her to the parlor in our old Civil War farmhouse. She stood in front of a large bookcase, her hand running along the several covers. I stared at the special books I wasn’t allowed to touch. These novels had been off-limits growing up, too special for little kid’s eager hands. Row after row of paperback novels, carefully placed in number order in gleaming condition tempted me. I had spent my childhood looking at these books and longing to read what was on the secret pages.

She pulled down one of the sacred books and paused before handing it to me. “These are special to me. I started reading them when I was about your age and I think it’s time you start reading them, too. This one was always my favorite.”

I looked down at the cover. I read the title, The Unexpected Stranger by Grace Livingston Hill. She walked off without another word and I went to my room to read. I finished the book on the same day.

This was the beginning of my love affair with Christian romances. An avid reader, suddenly I found myself reading these special books like I was in a race. That summer changed my whole life. It was then I knew I wanted to be a writer someday but discovered I wanted to write inspirational and Godly novels for women. The desire to write words to lead people to a loving God was born.

I found my calling and it was handed to me one summer day before I was officially a teenager when I least expected it.

Anna Christine Boulier has been a writer/storyteller since she begged her mother to learn to read before she entered 1st grade – to the bane of her first-grade teacher. Since then she has written short stories and had characters that lived in her head for years.

She attended Agnes Scott College and Georgia State University, earning degrees in Studio Art and Interior Design. Moving back to Cartersville in October 2011, and after several years of looking for her forever job and taking care of her grandmother, she got back into writing.

In May of 2013, God gave her a story and she wrote it in six weeks. Once the first book lived on paper she couldn’t stop. She currently has five books written with more on the way.

When she was growing up in Cartersville, the plan had always been to move away, but now that she’s back – she couldn’t imagine calling any other place home. Just know this is a story about how she changed her mind!

Fun Facts about Anna Christine Boulier:

about anna christine boulier
Downtown Cartersville, Georgia

Hometown: Cartersville, Georgia (Old Civil War farmhouse in downtown Cassville area- has one flashing red light)

What I wanted to be when I grew up: archaeologist to find lost cultures/race car driver/ writer

Hobbies: duh- writing, reading and learning new things, I’m a student at heartabout anna christine boulier

Siblings: One younger sister, by sixteen months to the day

Name if I’d been a Boy: Christopher Robin Boulier (Not kidding)

Favorite foods: Chinese until I had to go gluten-free because I’m allergic, so now I’m still deciding. Today it’s a perfected gluten-free fried okra!

My Little Man, Bandit

Pets: An adorable Dachshund name Bandit

Fears: fire alarms, loud noises, snakes

Loves: the smell of fall, the sound of rain on a tin roof, spending time with friends and family over a good meal, coloring

Favorite Color: polka-dots, just kidding. Dove Gray- because it makes other colors look their best and looks good on its own

Random Facts: Can’t whistle, blow my nose, or spit watermelon seeds.

Want to travel/see: Italy, Ireland, Louvre, and a chapel in Paris I’ve only seen in a textbook but fell in love with instantly.