The Grace Series

This published book series is set in Cartersville, Georgia – my hometown. It follows the lives of women trying to find their way. The first novel tells the story of  Viviane Stanton-Mays, a photographer who travels back to her hometown of Cartersville to take care of her grandmother, restoring relationships past and present. In the second novel, Hillary Blake moves to Marietta to take care of three orphan children and in the process finds acceptance of herself.

In the third novel of the Grace Series, Trusting Grace, Bailey Evans moves to Cartersville to start over and learns to trust God’s plan for her life. Renewed by Grace, the fourth novel in the series continues Andrea Cabot’s story. Starting with the end of her therapy sessions from the terrible accident in June, read about the big misunderstanding about her age and her crush on her favorite author. Healing Grace features Jacob Cabot and Laura Flowers. Their story picks up a few months after Renewed by Grace ends. This story tells of many types of healing and grace.

Each story is a part of me, and I hope you enjoy taking the journey with each of these characters!


Restoring Grace
Book One in the Grace Series

ACB Publishing | August 2018


Accepting Grace
Book Two in the Grace Series

ACB Publishing | September 2018

Trusting Grace
Book Three in the Grace Series

ACB Publishing | October 2018


Renewed by Grace
Book Four in the Grace Series

ACB Publishing | April 2019


Healing Grace 
Book Five in the Grace Series

ACB Publishing | August 2019

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