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Website Streamlined for New 2020 Goals

WebsiteIf you’ve been to my website lately, you’ve noticed a few changes. They are simple, but hopefully, the general impression is a clean, streamlined look.

I removed the generic header of the teal wood to be replaced with images that more reflect my brand. Showing my computer, along with the new social media calendar I’m working on for 2020 is more along with my story. (For more details, see December 5 post). Continue reading “Website Streamlined for New 2020 Goals”

Behind the Curtain, Marketing

Out with the Old in with 2020

out old 2020

Starting January 2020, Blog Posts for and the entire way I do my writing business will be different. Out with the old and in with the new as they say.

Between God’s perfect timing, hope*writers, and well, generally, God’s perfect timing, I’ve been hard at work preparing a new way of putting my writing, social media, branding out to you – my reader.

I’m more focused, intentional, and hopefully, personal.

I have one big goal for 2020 and that’s to make my writing branding and business full time.

To do that, I have to be focused and purposeful. No more doing things just creating social media buzz to keep my feed busy. I’m not going to keep creating content just to have content.

No more trying to match national calendar days to my novels in some ways. Or constantly trying to sell, sell, sell my novels.

I can’t say I know completely what that looks like.

But I have been given some direction and inspiration and that’s what today’s post is about – out with the old in with the new by giving a glimpse into 2020 ANNA CHRISTINE BOULIER’S SOCIAL MEDIA.

Continue reading “Out with the Old in with 2020”

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Hope*Writers – that’s for me!

Hope*WritersAt the beginning of October this year, I joined Hope*Writers. I received an email detailing this special group and as I read the words, my soul danced.

I knew I had to join. Thankfully, I received this email because membership had opened up and I was getting an invite to be a part of something wonderful. Something I think God was calling me to join.

Being a writer can be lonely, especially in my little town of Cartersville. I’d have to travel to sit in with any writing groups and traveling isn’t my thing right now.

God sent me a little nudge to join Hope*Writers and it’s turning out to be a blessing… actually a fountain of blessings.

I already knew what I had been doing wasn’t going to continue to work. My dream is for writing to be full time and pay the bills. I’m nowhere near that so I knew something has to change. Continue reading “Hope*Writers – that’s for me!”