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Hope*Writers – that’s for me!

Hope*WritersAt the beginning of October this year, I joined Hope*Writers. I received an email detailing this special group and as I read the words, my soul danced.

I knew I had to join. Thankfully, I received this email because membership had opened up and I was getting an invite to be a part of something wonderful. Something I think God was calling me to join.

Being a writer can be lonely, especially in my little town of Cartersville. I’d have to travel to sit in with any writing groups and traveling isn’t my thing right now.

God sent me a little nudge to join Hope*Writers and it’s turning out to be a blessing… actually a fountain of blessings.

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How to be a Fantastic Beta Reader

Beta Readers
Proofs of each of my novels

Beta Readers help make my novels better. How? They bring another pair of eyes to my writing which can catch:

Spelling errors I can’t see anymore because the text is so familiar to me and my editor.

Structure issues – making sure my story flows and doesn’t feel too rushed or too slow.

Strange wording that doesn’t make sense – either too wordy or phrases a common reader wouldn’t understand. Being a Southern girl, sometimes the phrases common in my life mean nothing to someone not born and raised in the South or even in my family!

Factual errors – I haven’t had EVERY job or experience I write about and Beta Readers can catch mistakes in careers, facts about dogs, or even places I haven’t been.

Consistency mistakes – saying it’s October at the beginning of the chapter and it’s September by the end, or having a character with blue eyes at the beginning of the novel, but brown toward the end.

Beta Readers are an important part of the writing process and I have been blessed with some fantastic beta readers…

But, it can be hard to find good beta readers and it helps to know what you need to look for:

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Writing Influence for Grace Series

Growing up, our family was a family of readers. Influenced by my mother, an elementary school librarian my entire life and even my dad was a librarian for a few before moving into IT services. So needless to say, reading was a way of life in our home. My sister and I always had a book in our hands, and we took one with us wherever we went. Even now, if we’re going somewhere (Doctor, Dentist, Restaurant) there’s a book in our purses to read while we wait.

When I sat down to write my first novel, Restoring Grace, I didn’t consciously think about writing influences. I just wrote down the words that popped in my head.

Only now, after learning about the writing/publishing process, I’ve been more introspective of my journey.

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