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Chef Bailey Dawn Evans Q & A

chefGood Morning, Chef Bailey. It’s a good thing you’re an early riser, or else I’d be talking to a grumpy woman right now.

Anna makes room for Bailey Evans to sit at the table with her at a local coffee shop. After handing a hot chocolate to Bailey, she waits for her to take a sip before replying. Getting comfortable, Anna settles in for a good, long talk with her friend.


BDE: Yes, I’m the complete opposite of my best friend, Grace. She hates mornings and you can’t talk to her until 9, and I’m usually up by six at the latest.

ACB: How did being an early riser work being a chef at a busy restaurant in the evenings?

BDE: I’m not sure, but I’ve always been like this. It might be from spending summers with Grandma Jane, she was up early every day to work on the ranch and I wanted to spend as much time as I could with her, so I was up too! Learning to be a cowgirl was a secret dream of my young heart.


Mountains in Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak

ACB: Do you miss Colorado, now that you’re in Cartersville?

BDE: At little, your mountains are a little small in comparison to mine, but there is a similar feel. Plus, I’m near Grace again and I love that!

ACB: Very true! You two met at Agnes Scott? Is that when she started calling you, Bales?

BDE: Nodding her head, Yes, our first year, I saw her a dinner arguing about something passionately and I remember thinking I wanted to be that passionate about something. At the time I was planning to be a lawyer, which wasn’t a passion for me at all. She called me Bales shortly after we met and it made me feel special.

ACB: It’s hard for me to imagine you in suits and a courtroom!

BDE: Nodding her head vigorously she said, imagine what it was like for me! It wasn’t until my senior year when Grace said, “be a chef”, that I finally felt like I had a calling, and a career I could love.

ACB: I get that. Any regrets for the career change from lawyer to a chef? Chef

BDE: Laughing loudly, That Grace didn’t tell me sooner, because it would have saved me a lot of anguish.


ACB: I ask everyone, what’s your favorite color?

BDE: That’s easy, green, because it’s the color of food!

ACB: Laughing with Bailey, What’s a dream?

BDE: Professionally as a chef, I’d like to compete on Chopped. Personally, have a legacy to share with my kids of a strong, godly woman to pass down as my Grandma Jane did for me.

ACB: I’ve seen the Bible, and it’s beautiful.

BDE: Wiping a tear, she said, Yes, worn and well-loved. That’s how I feel now.

ACB: Thank you for spending some time with me.

BDE: It was fun! We shouldn’t wait so long before getting together for hot chocolate and catch up.

ACB: Most definitely.

Hugging Anna, Bailey heads to the catering van for Taste & See, before waving bye to go prep for a tea she and Andrea will cater.

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