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Cooking Music Mix of Bailey’s

CookingAnyone who knows Bailey Evans knows her love of cooking. It is this very love of cooking that has cut her off from her parents after she pursued a dream of culinary school instead of law school. This same love of cooking, forced her to make a decision about her fiancé when he took matters in his own hands and replaced her as head chef. Preston Dyson, III said his wife wouldn’t be working.

Bailey’s talent in the kitchen is evident in the heart and soul she puts in each dish. The ability to create a lovely cake, elegant dinner, or even a simple batch of cookies to brighten someone’s day is a testament to her God-given talent.

This feisty redhead is known to be constantly on the move. She enjoys every moment of preparation in the catering kitchen of Andrea Cabot’s home. If the two ladies are working together, then music would be playing to their off-key singing.

Bailey makes sure her cooking playlist accomplish three things:

  1. Upbeat and keeps her and her staff moving
  2. Positive Christian music
  3. With some hits from Andrea’s past to make her friend smile


First, she needs music to keep her moving. For when she’s in the middle of her fourteenth batch of cookies and decorating one more flower just might send her to sleep. She discovered Andrea loves Billy Joe’s Uptown Girl. Since then Bailey has grown to love the song that puts a pep in her step either cooking or cleaning up.

Second, Christian music is a must because since she re-dedicated her life. She’s learning more about a personal relationship with Jesus and finds music helps her focus and learn. Andrea’s wonderful at teaching her new songs and explaining concepts she doesn’t understand. How He Loves by David Crowder Band is her new anthem. With the strained relationship between her and her parents, she needs to hear daily that God loves her.

Third, a few hits from Andrea’s past helps the two ladies’ bond. It was a shock to learn Andrea was closer to Bailey’s mother age than her own. Once, Bailey knew Andrea loved the “Golden Oldies” as she called it, she added some to their cooking music mixes. Bailey has expanded her taste in music thanks to Andrea and finds her self-singing Mama Said by the Shirelles constantly. It reminds her that even though her own mother isn’t speaking to her right now, God sent her another special lady to step in and Andrea happily says, “Now, Mama says…”

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Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,