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Hillary’s Old School Playlists

Old SchoolHillary has very eclectic taste in music that all depends on her mood, especially when she is cooking. One of Hillary’s favorite moments in life is working downstairs in her little basement apartment kitchen. Nothing makes her happier than to cook a yummy meal to share.
Known for her cooking skills, Hillary grew to love the peace she found in the kitchen after growing up with a controlling mother. Anyone who has met Lauren Blake, knows that she is very critical, especially of her only daughter, Hillary.
When Hillary cooks in the kitchen, she loves to work to music. Depending on her mood, she goes old school – either 80’s rock that reminds her of simple days growing up or old school Christian songs that takes her back to her church days in middle and high school.
Old School


When Hillary plays her old school 80’s mix – she plays a lot of female artists. Everything from Wilson Phillips, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, to Celine Dion. She remembers doing homework at the library with her portable CD player and working tirelessly on Algebra.
Don’t Stop Believin by Journey was an anthem for when her mother inspected her every morning before school, and she told herself she just needed to get through to become the teacher she always wanted to be.
Old School

The song, Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun reminded her of the Daddy-Daughter dates with her father where she got to be a girl who didn’t have to worry about posture, her hair, or not getting dirty.

OLD School Christian Rock

When she needs to be uplifted after a bad day, she plays her 90’s Christian rock. It could be  her mother chose another guy for her to date. Maybe a difficult day with a parent, or even when she feels a little lonely. Hillary puts on the worship music she grew up with in middle and high school.
Old SchoolAwesome God by Rich Mullins, God is in Control by Twila, and Stand by Susan Ashton helped her make it through another day. Hillary knows God has a purpose for her life and these songs remind her she’s important to God. He loves her even if no one else does.
It brought back memories of when she was on the praise team at church. She hated being on stage, but knew it made her mother happy. During that time, God taught Hillary how to worship Him, pouring her heart out in worship and to ignore the audience.

Old School
Hillary’s Old School Rock Music Playlists

Please enjoy both playlists of music that inspired Hillary. Still played as an adult, when she cooks or is worried. Many of her devotional reading is done to the 90’s Christian Rock playlist.

If you want to know more about Hillary’s story, please check out the Accepting Grace page for more information.

Her novel, Accepting Grace is now available in print and eBook form.

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,

Old School