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Hope*Writers – that’s for me!

Hope*WritersAt the beginning of October this year, I joined Hope*Writers. I received an email detailing this special group and as I read the words, my soul danced.

I knew I had to join. Thankfully, I received this email because membership had opened up and I was getting an invite to be a part of something wonderful. Something I think God was calling me to join.

Being a writer can be lonely, especially in my little town of Cartersville. I’d have to travel to sit in with any writing groups and traveling isn’t my thing right now.

God sent me a little nudge to join Hope*Writers and it’s turning out to be a blessing… actually a fountain of blessings.

I already knew what I had been doing wasn’t going to continue to work. My dream is for writing to be full time and pay the bills. I’m nowhere near that so I knew something has to change.

I was doing the basic steps:

Website/Blog – check

But I wasn’t consistent, focused ( didn’t have set topics or a set schedule for posts though I tried.)

If life happened, which it always did (sick, unexpected project, or just couldn’t get motivated, a post wasn’t put up for the week.)

Social Media

I was out there, but it was more of a trial and a chore.

Making the graphics pretty was the only part enjoyed, not the message which isn’t good for a writer trying to promote herself.

Then the email came from Hope * Writers… I signed up immediately. Didn’t even bat an eye at the price, not when I knew it was a God-given arrow. (I borrowed this term from one of the founders, Emily P. Freeman. Thanks, Emily!)


This quote comes directly from the hope*writers website.

As I read these words, it was like God was saying, “Don’t give up. Others have struggled too, but I’m sending you some wonderful, Christian help.”

The founders of Hope*Writers discovered writers quit when they don’t have:

A Clear Plan – I have one, but it wasn’t working so I need a better one with steps.

Support – I’ve been doing this alone for far too long.

Income – Yep, don’t have one.

Selective social media vision – I feel I’m running every which way and none of them is the right path.

It’s easy to say what’s wrong, but after I signed up with Hope*Writers, several things fell into place. Just like their website promised.


Hope*Writers has already helped me to:

Identify – Figure out where I’m at in my writing/publishing journey

Learn – Their resource library is huge and set up to where finishing each little step really makes my heart sing. I get to mark completed on each step and I love that!

Connect – I have writer friends! It’s amazing. I don’t have to run out to meet them, they’re on the computer and we’re talking!

I’m part of a group right now focusing on my blog and though we’re only on week three, I can’t wait to continue this journey with their encouragement and accountability. I feel we’ll keep in touch long after the six weeks are over.

When you join Hope*Writers, your monthly fee includes:

Weekly Tuesday Teacher training (These are at 2 pm, but it’s okay if you work full-time as I do, they post the video in the archives.)

Access to our engaging Facebook membership community (I’ve joined and met some wonderful writers. This is where I met my Blogging Circle).

Our complete online library of video training and how-to articles. (This is where I get to mark things complete, which makes my little heart happy. Check, please!)

A few extra things to note about Hope*Writers:

Membership is only offered 3 times per year…

Any writer with a message of hope is welcome

This isn’t ONLY for women, men are welcome too, and two of the co-founders are gentlemen.


Next week, I’m taking off for Thanksgiving!

Don’t worry though, there are a lot of exciting things happening this year, because of Hope*Writers, I’m working on revamping my website, blog, and social media presence. All with the goal of freeing my time to write full time, which is the dream and Hope*Writers is making it a reality.

Stay tuned for more posts where I give you details of some of the things Hope*Writers is already helping me achieve.

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,