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I’m improvising today because it’s been a tough week. Definitely happy it’s Friday. Why? I was accidentally glutened by something I’ve been eating for months with no issues. Now, recovering from the gluten-migraine, I’m still proofing book four, writing book five, all the while working 40+ hours a week at my paying job… well, it was difficult to come up with a blog post for Friday.

Rough? Yes.

Problem? No, because God gave me a new 2nd grader to mentor.

Uh? You might say…

Confused? Probably…

So, I’ll explain and blame the weirdness on being glutened on Saturday.

Last week I started mentoring a new girl at one of the local elementary schools, because my previous mentor, a second-grade boy moved away. I was very sad, but my little girl likes glitter, unicorns, and coloring. We’re having fun and I enjoy coming up with a new fun activity each week!

The previous mentee and I had been together for over a year, and now, I need to learn about this new girl God has put in my life…

Favorite Color



All the get to know you questions you ask when meeting new friends.

I came across an idea and created a game my new little girl and I can play to learn about each other. I thought it would be neat to share it with all of my readers. It would work for school, youth groups, new friends, and more.


Download a free copy The Favorite Game


I’ve included a copy with some blank tiles to add your own questions. Download The Favorite Game Blank Spaces!


Here is a blank one just for you! The Favorite Game Blank

Enjoy and until next time, may God’s grace surround you,