Accepting Grace, Grace Series

ISO a Nanny Interview with Luke Toledo

Luke Toledo, Firefighter in Marietta, Georiga

Good Morning Luke. I haven’t seen you since your sister’s funeral. How are you and the kids?

Luke Toledo: He sits in the empty chair across from Anna and with a weary look on his face. Okay, considering. I’m glad you were able to meet me for coffee. I’m reaching out to everyone I know in search of a nanny for my nieces and nephew. I go back to work in a week and need help desperately.

ACB: That’s why I’m here. I thought I’d find out more of what you need and are looking for in nanny so when I talk tell people, I can answer any questions they might have.

LT: That would be great. Well, let me see, I think the biggest would be someone who’s great with kids. Maybe someone older, who knows what they are doing.

ACB: I take it you’ve been struggling a bit?

LT: Yeah, inheriting three kids all under the age of six has been hard, to say the least. I’ve been around kids before but never has the sole caretaker and guardian. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated at this point.

ACB: I’m sure it’s terrifying, but you’re handling it very well.


LT: Thanks, but that’s why I’m wanting a nanny with a lot of experience, maybe a retired teacher who can help Magda and Daniel catch up for school in the fall. I’m not sure how much schooling they got living with Marissa.

ACB: Madga is the six-year-old? How old is Daniel?

LT: Yes, Magda is six and Daniel is five and will be six in June. There is only sixteen months between them.

ACB: That means Magda will be going into first grade and Daniel will start Kindergarten in the fall?

LT: Nodding, But only if I can find someone to help prep them. I don’t think they know the basics, like their letters or numbers. He tried to hide a grimace but continued, I know things were rough for them with Marissa.

ACB: I know she passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. I know you must be thankful the kids were already here with you when it happened.


LT: Yes, she showed up on my doorstep with three kids just the week before and I have to admit, I wasn’t even aware she had been pregnant with Camilla. It was a shock to see all four of them on my apartment doorstep.

ACB: How is Camilla? She’s the youngest, the baby?”

LT: His grin spread ear from ear, Yes, she the happiest of us all. She is always smiling and making happy noises. Holding her when I feel overwhelmed is a good reminder of why I’m doing all the things I’m doing.

ACB: You mentioned on the phone you needed someone to help out sometimes when you’re off work because you’re studying to take the paramedic exam. Is that right?

LT: Good memory. Yes, it was the plan before I inherited three kids but now I’m trying to accelerate the plan. It means more money and I’ll have more I can do in the future. If whoever God wants to be my nanny could help me some on the forty-eight hours I’m off to study that would be great.

ACB: Where are you living now? I know you only had a one bedroom apartment before Marissa showed up.

LT: Someone from my church in Marietta heard about my situation and offered to let me rent his fixer-upper at the same price as my apartment if I’ll do some work around the house.

ACB: That’s a blessing!

LT: Yes, it is. It’s a big house and the kids have their own rooms for the first time ever. It even has a basement apartment for a live-in nanny since I’ll be working twenty-four on, forty-eight off.


ACB: It never ceases to amaze me how God provides.

LT: That He does. This experience has taught me that. I know HE has the perfect nanny out there for the kids, I just need to keep looking until I find her.

ACB: Well, I’ll be praying for you and mention it around my church.

LT: Thanks, I do have an idea of what the nanny will be. Someone older, grandmotherly-type and able to help me out with my kids. They’ve been through a lot and I want to do everything I can to help them grow up happy, blessed, and well- loved.

ACB: That I have no doubt. Anyone who’s met you know how much you already love those kids.

LT: Looks down at his watch, Oh, I have to go. Ivy Ingles is going to watch Camilla for me this afternoon while I take the two oldest to meet a counselor a lady at church recommended. Do you know Ivy?

ACB: Yes, she’s Hillary Blake’s best friend from college and I met her through Hillary. She and I have been friends since high school.

LT: Perfect. Well, let me know if you hear anything and thanks for all of the prayers.

ACB: Anytime, Luke. Kiss the kids for me.

LT: That I can happily do.

Standing up to leave, the friends hug before saying their goodbyes.

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