Renewed by Grace, Trusting Grace

ISO Catering Chef

Q & A with Andrea Cabot, Owner of Taste & See Catering


Anna Christine Boulier: Thank you, Andrea, for inviting me to your lovely home.

Andrea Cabot: Thank you, Anna Christine. It’s always nice to hear. My sons get on to me about buying this big place for just me, but I have plans which this home will make it possible.

ACB: The catering business you’ve started?

AC: *Chuckling. Yes, I wanted to be able to cook out of my home and eventually have events on-site. This place gives me the opportunity.

ACB: *Looks out the large kitchen windows to the big yard outside. There is an old barn just past a renovated carriage house. It has a lot of land, too, not just the big two-story house.


AC: *Snorting, she winked at me. Joshua, my oldest pitched a fit when he saw this place. I didn’t tell him my plans until we’d pulled into the driveway. Between you and me, he’s a bit overbearing about what I should and shouldn’t do at my age.

ACB: It’s hard to believe you have two grown sons, you look like you’re in your thirties, maybe forties.

AC: *Grinning broadly. I’ll be fifty in December, but that’s plenty young enough to finally pursue my dreams.

ACB: Have you always wanted to be a caterer?

AC: Not really a caterer specifically, that came after my husband died from a heart attack unexpectedly a few years ago.

ACB: I’m sorry, Andrea.

AC: *She paused a moment before continuing. It’s hard to lose a spouse at any age, and harder when it’s sudden. I had so many things I wish I could have told him… *Sniffling, she continued. I realized being the wife of a high-ranking general in the Marines, I had the talent for catering. I can’t tell you how many benefits, dances, ceremonies, I’ve organized over the years.

ACB: And you loved it enough to pursue it now?

AC: Oh yes, once my boys went to school, I pursued a degree in business. Something to keep me busy at the time. It was at a local college and took more than the recommended time because James transferred so much, but I wanted something to fall back on in case something happened to him. I’m very thankful we had a long life together before he went home to be with the Lord.

ACB: Moving from California to Georgia to start a brand-new business is quite gutsy, especially when you’ve never been a caterer before.

AC: There have definitely been times when I’ve questioned my sanity, but I always had peace about this venture and that keeps me going. Even when I discovered I hate the cooking side.

ACB: Uh-oh.

AC: Yes, uh-oh is right. I’m realizing I need to bring in someone with cooking experience. It’s not a job I’m going to enjoy. I love the planning, create themes, tying in games, favors, etc. to an event. I even like the budgeting part, but the cooking… *She shudders.

ACB: Have you put out any postings for a catering chef?

AC: *Shaking her head. Not yet, because I have someone in mind. I just need to see if she’ll take a leap of faith and join me.

ACB: What are you looking for in a catering chef for Taste & See?

AC: *Biting her lip, she paused to think. Obviously, someone who can cook for large numbers, and plan menus on a budget.

ACB: That makes sense.

AC: I want someone who has vision and passion, not just for cooking but giving our clients a great experience no matter the size of the budget or the scale of the event. *Her eyes lit up. I also wish for a chef who won’t balk at my crazy ideas, but who will also keep me grounded, but will hear me out.

ACB: Don’t we all.

*Both ladies started laughing. Andrea refilled Anna Christine’s sweet tea before continuing.

AC: I’ve prayed about who God wants in this business and I’ve come close to putting out job postings, but something always holds me back.

ACB: If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is God’s timing is perfect. If He’s holding you back, there’s a reason.

AC: *Snorted. I hope it’s God and not just my stubborn pride. I have the perfect person in mind, but it’s not going the way I want. It’s April now, and I’ve got a busy summer planned, I need someone before then.

ACB: I’ll be praying.

AC: Thank you. I’m so glad you wanted to visit. It’s been nice to chat with someone who’s supportive. I can’t talk to Joshua about any of this because he’s determined I quit, and while Jacob isn’t as adamant about it, he’s in the Marine’s like his dad, so I don’t see him very much.

ACB: I’m always here for you if you need to chat, or vent. You’ve got my number.

AC: I do. *Oven timer went off. Oh, I forgot about those cupcakes. I’ve got an end of school party I’m making favors for.

ACB: Would you like some help? I have a few hours free this afternoon.

AC: *Reaching out to hug her. I’d love that. *She paused. That’s another thing.

ACB: Hmm?

AC: I don’t want to stop all cooking, I just don’t want to do it all, you know. Someone to share the load with so to speak.

ACB: I get that. I’ll be praying God sends the perfect chef your way and soon.

AC: Thank you! I’ve got an apron for you to put on. I don’t want you to get your outfit messy with the icing.

ACB: Great. Let me wash my hands.

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