New Beginnings for January 2020

New Beginnings, Resolutions, Goal Settings – these are all supposed to start in January, coinciding with the new year.

It’s nice when new beginnings happen the way we plan, does it?

Mine didn’t happen that way. My new beginnings happened at the end of October, first of November of last year, during a time of pain and fear. I was lost and hurting over what I was supposed to be doing. Both professionally and personally my life felt a mess.

During this time, God began to move in my life in a big way but it happened in gentle whispers and nudges. Things were falling into place with little effort on my part. It was beautiful to live in and experience. Joining hope*writers, being a part of a mastermind class to take my writer to full-time, focusing on my writing…

My entire business plan and social media goals changed including how I ran my social media business/branding. I go into much more detail here in a previous blog post.

I think God loves changes because it is through change He is able to mold us and make us be more Christ-like.

New Beginnings

That doesn’t mean change is easy for us, any of us. Certainly not in the moment it’s happening. Most of the time, it seems God moves slowly. I know His timing is perfect. However, on Earth, struggling in the day to day, it can seem to be taking forever.

When a new beginning is our idea, it can be fun and exciting, when it’s someone else’s, or a new career we didn’t plan on, it can be terrifying.

Whether this January’s new beginnings are your idea or not; embrace the change with me this year. Let’s do this together.

I have created a printable for you to download and share. Pin it up in your office, on a wall at home, by your bed before you go to sleep at night, or even on your bathroom mirror to kickstart your morning routine.

New Beginnings

January New Beginnings

Embrace the changes a new year brings! 2020 is the year for great things. Drop me a line and tell me how you’re doing. I’d love to encourage you and remind you that both you and God have this!

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Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,

new beginnings


new beginnings