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Noah and Grandpa’s Car Riding Playlist

Noah and his Grandpa

Noah knows he has the best grandpa in the entire world! Not only is he the famous author, Mark Lawson, who writes the coolest sci-fi books, but his grandpa is also writing a new kid’s series featuring Robot NOAH.

Grandpa Mark picks him up from school and instead of taking him straight home, they do cool stuff together. Noah’s favorite afternoon treat is stopping at the ice cream shop. He loves to get an ice cream cone before he has to do homework.

Since his grandfather is a writer, his hours are flexible which means Noah and his little sister can see him all the time.

Grandpa Mark isn’t all fun and games, though… he still makes Noah do his homework and behave, but that’s okay… His parent’s do the same thing.

Grandpa’s Car Rules for Noah

Aston Martin Rules

Grandpa also has some strange car rules too, such as when he picks Noah up from school in the Aston Martin, they can only listen to old-timey music. Noah complains a bit, but some of the songs aren’t too bad and fun to sing along to, even if most are about girls. YUCK!

When “Sweet Caroline,” “Under the Boardwalk,” and “I’m a Believer” play on the speakers, he and Grandpa really belt those out! Noah’s favorite is about school, though. “Don’t know much about history, don’t know much about biology…” He knows the song is about love but thinks the school subject part is funny.

The Jeep Rules

Noah riding in jeep
Noah riding in the jeep with his Grandpa

Most of the time, Grandpa Marks pick Noah up in the Jeep, which doesn’t have as many car rules. As long as the songs are Mom and Grandpa approved, they can listen to whatever style of music Noah wants. Lately, Noah and his grandpa have been singing “Happy,” “Wake Me Up,” “Good Feeling,” and “Life is a Highway.”

Grandpa says “Life is a Highway” should be an anthem for life. Noah’s not sure what that means, but the song is fun to sing with the windows rolled down, driving past all the pasture land in this new home in Cartersville, Georgia. “Sometimes you bend and sometimes you stand… Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long…”

Sunday Rules 

The two of them sing a lot of Christian songs as well, especially when they’re going somewhere as a family. On Sundays, Grandpa insists only on Christian music because it’s a day to worship. Noah’s okay with that since Grandpa listens to cool Christian songs and not that old hymn stuff his Nana loves.

“This is Amazing Grace,” “Pushing Back the Dark,” “Carry Me to the Cross,” and “10,000 Reasons” are some of their favorites. It’s strange his Grandpa can listen to songs before they play on the radio, but Noah just shrugs when he pulls out a new CD. He secretly enjoys he knows the words to songs before everyone at church start singing it.

Noah and his grandpaNoah and his Grandpa Mark
He knows his Grandpa wasn’t always a Christian, but he loves him just as he is. Grandpa tells cool stories, and he’s always been upfront about how he was before he was saved. Noah knows his grandparents are divorced because Grandpa Mark wasn’t a nice man before he was a Christian. Glad he’s a Christian now, it means his family gets to see him all the time, unlike his dad who didn’t see his father much until his dad was saved.

His Grandpa really is the best, Noah knows it, which is why he doesn’t mind sharing him with his friends. Noah knows, not everyone can have a famous author for a grandfather. It wouldn’t be right to keep his grandpa all to himself.

Check out Noah and Grandpa’s Playlist, a mix of old, new, and Christian worship. You don’t need to be riding in a jeep or even an Aston Martin to enjoy!

Noah and Grandpa’s Car Riding Playlist

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