Grace Series, Restoring Grace

Questions & Answers with Viviane Stanton-Mays

Interviewed by Anna Christine Boulier

Hello, Viviane! Thank you for meeting with me. My readers are excited to get the chance to know you better and ask some questions about some things that weren’t included in the books.

VSM: I’m excited Anna to spend time with you, too. It feels like we’ve known each other for ages, but it’s really been since May of 2013, right?

ACB: Yes, it does seem a lifetime. I’ve always wanted to ask you about your name, Stanton-Mays. It’s very elegant.

Photographer- Viviane Stanton-Mays

VSM: Blushing, she says, Thank you. I was born Elizabeth Viviane Stanton. Elizabeth was my father’s mother and Viviane was my mother’s best friend growing up. The addition of Mays was added after my parent’s died. When I went to live with Grand, she thought it would be helpful if my mother’s maiden name, my Grand’s was included. I’m very blessed she kept both.

ACB: It’s very elegant, very southern. Smiling, Anna asks, Are you a Georgia girl?

VSM: Laughing, says, Oh yes! I was born in Peachtree City where I lived until I moved in with Grand, but I’ve always considered Cartersville home. Winking, she said, Also, since I went to school at UGA, I have to say “Go Dawgs”. They’ll have my diploma if I don’t.

ACB: Very true! Now, I know you’re a photographer, but did you always want to do that as a career?

VSM: Shaking her head, No, actually, I thought about writing for a bit, then art in general. I knew I wanted to do something creative, and not your typical 9-5 job, but it wasn’t until I took a photography class in college that I switched majors.

ACB: What are some things you’re afraid of?

VSM: Pausing to think, she finally says, Not learning the lessons God’s trying to teach me. I don’t want to get to Heaven and know He had so much more for me to do and couldn’t because I was too stubborn to learn the lesson the first few times.

ACB: I get that. God tried teaching me a valuable lesson using my poor car and finally gave up and used the toilet because I was struggling to get it.

VSM: Laughing loudly, I knew you’d understand. I also don’t like snakes and clowns.

ACB: Now a simple question, what’s your favorite color?

VSM: Smiles broadly and scoots closer, You know when you’re up really early and see the sun rising… well in the fall there’s this pink-red that shines with this orange light that happens just when the leaves are starting to turn colors. It’s that mix of the red, pink and orange that I love.

ACB: Wow! I can almost see it on this warm May day. Pausing a moment, she asks, One last question- what do you love?

VSM: That’s easy… God, Grand, Erica, and Daphne… Friends that are like family, this town, even when it hurts my heart to remember the hard times, Chinese food, taking photos, using my gifts to glorify God.

ACB: It sounds like you’ve got a pretty great life.

VSM: Yes, I do and I have wonderful friends to remind me when I forget.

ACB: Thank you for spending some time with me.

VSM: Anytime! I do love catching up and talking.

Hugging Anna, Viviane leaves to check on Grand.

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Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,