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ResourcesWord Searches and Trivia Sheets featuring The Grace Series

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ResourcesThe Grace Series Word Search featuring the first FOUR NOVELS in the series.

Restoring Grace
Accepting Grace
Trusting Grace
Renewed by Grace AVAILABLE APRIL 30, 2019

Grace Series Word Search PDF


Grace Series Trivia featuring the first three novels in the series. Resources

Restoring Grace
Accepting Grace
Trusting Grace
Trivia Grace Series PDF




Restoring Grace Word Search
Restoring Grace Word Search PDF





Accepting Grace Word Search
Accepting Grace Word Search PDF




Trusting Grace Word Search
Trusting Grace Word Search PDF




Renewed by Grace Word Search
Renewed by Grace Word Search PDF





Media Kit Resources for Published Novels allows you to get the word out about your book!

Media Press Kit Restoring Grace
Media Kit Accepting Grace
Media Kit Trusting Grace

Blog Posts about Media Kits:
Restoring Grace Media Kit Blog Post
Blog post Be Consistent is about setting up your own media kit.


Playlists for First Three Novels in the Grace Series!

Viviane Stanton-Mays is an old soul and her playlist reflects a love of the Blues. Check out the blog that goes into detail about why the blues.


Hillary Blake’s Playlist is an eclectic mix of old school rock and old-school Christian music from her days singing on the praise team. My blog post goes into more detail about these songs.


Bailey Evans must have music blaring to create her yummy creations. She struggles to cook when she can move to a beat. Her playlist features songs that she and her business partner, Andrea both like. To read more about Bailey’s playlist, you can read this blog post.



MORE CHARACTER’S Playlists will be featured in further posts and on this page. To check out my published novels, click here.

Already READ them ALL, read about upcoming novels. Renewed by Grace will be available on April 30th. Check out more here.

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