Behind the Curtain

Editor & Friend, AKA my Mom

This past Saturday, I had the privilege to throw my mother a surprise birthday party! It was her first birthday party ever and so many friends came out on a cold, November evening to celebrate my sweet mother. I can’t tell you all the kind things said but it was all about how wonderful she is and how blessed everyone felt to know her.

It was wonderful for her to hear these words from friends and family. She doesn’t always understand how truly special and unique, she truly is, to not only me and my family but to others, she blesses with her love and kindness.

I’ve truly been blessed to have her in my life. She’s been not only a mother, but friend, counselor, confidant, sneaky co-conspirator, shopping partner, BFF, and on and on I could go.

One of the most wonderful ways our relationship has grown has been through my writing as she has helped me edit my books.

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Grace Series, Marketing, Writing 101

Be Consistent

It’s important to be consistent in your brand, in your promises, and the way you promote. I created a media kit for my first novel using photoshop and decided to keep the same format for the second and third novels. Promoting three novels means a lot of behind the scenes work and learning ways to save time, especially since I work another non-writing full-time job.

Consistent Example: Cover Pages


The images and color schemes change slightly to match the book cover image. The consistency is in the layout and size.

Let me walk you through my media kit process for all three novels.

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Accepting Grace, Grace Series

Hillary’s Old School Playlists

Old SchoolHillary has very eclectic taste in music that all depends on her mood, especially when she is cooking. One of Hillary’s favorite moments in life is working downstairs in her little basement apartment kitchen. Nothing makes her happier than to cook a yummy meal to share.
Known for her cooking skills, Hillary grew to love the peace she found in the kitchen after growing up with a controlling mother. Anyone who has met Lauren Blake, knows that she is very critical, especially of her only daughter, Hillary.
When Hillary cooks in the kitchen, she loves to work to music. Depending on her mood, she goes old school – either 80’s rock that reminds her of simple days growing up or old school Christian songs that takes her back to her church days in middle and high school.
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