Anne Boulier, Unofficial Bible Scholar

Bible scholar

Anne Boulier, mother, sister, friend, Harvest House worker, Amedisys volunteer, Choir member, 5th Grade Sunday School teacher, editor, best friend, and unofficial Bible scholar.

This guest post features my mother’s insight into John 11: The Story of Lazarus and Martha

While I do not consider myself a Bible scholar, I have been reading the Bible for over 60 years. It still amazes me sometimes that I can read a scripture, a story I have heard and read many times before and the Holy Spirit teaches me something new from it.

This week I have been slowly reading John 11. The chapter about the death and resurrection of Lazarus, familiar to most Christians. This time I saw things in a different way. Not just the miracle of Jesus raising His friend He loved from the dead. But buried in this story was a new revelation for me. Continue reading “Anne Boulier, Unofficial Bible Scholar”