FIRE ALARM: Little & Big Fears Holding Us Back

Fire Alarm FearsI’m afraid of fire alarms. Like, really afraid, can keep me up at night if I let it, afraid.

Crazy, huh?

I know it’s a silly fear, especially since I know how it started.

I was in the third grade and was sent to the office to drop off something for my third-grade teacher, Ms. Ely.

When I finished my task, Mr. Peterson told me something and I couldn’t understand him. Instead of asking him to repeat himself, I just nodded my understanding and made my way back to the classroom.

This happened a lot and I still nod my head when I don’t understand someone, even after asking several times. Eventually, I just give up and nod my head in agreement.

Almost back to my classroom, I had just passed the girl’s bathroom and was practically skipping down the hall. When I was just under the fire alarm when it went off.

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Going Cave to Cave instead of Faith to Faith

Cave to CaveHave you ever felt like David, going from Cave to Cave instead of Faith to Faith? I felt this vividly for the last few weeks. In a low point of despair and lost hope, I realized, I’ve been going cave to cave for years, not just weeks.

It seems I’m always back at the low point, looking at my circumstances, wondering when God is going to fulfill his promises.

When is God going to take me out of this cave and put me in the King’s palace so to speak?


I’m still waiting.

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About Me, Devotions

The Rocks Cry Out, As Do I

RockSince I’ve been resting for the past 30 days, not pushing and pushing, it’s been easier to take all of the bumps, the ups, and downs, the setbacks. But I still feel overwhelmed and fearful.

It’s been a struggle for months now, and the pressure is getting worse, not better. I feel the agitation, the fear, panic, and depression growing as my circumstances don’t change as quickly as I want.

I hoped the 30 days of rest meant things would resolve themselves, but they haven’t.

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