Grace Series, Renewed by Grace

Sneak Peek: First 3 chapters of Renewed by Grace

My fourth book will be available in just days now!

It’s hard to believe but I’m so excited for you to read Andrea’s story. April 30th might seem like a long time to wait, and I know it’s hard so I thought with this post I would give you a sneak peek at the first THREE chapters in the novel!


Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,

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Restoring Grace

Erica’s Anger and the Stress Ball

Stress BallMy first novel underwent A LOT of changes before the final proof for publishing. (STORY HERE) When I first wrote Restoring Grace – it was over 115,000 WORDS! I did a lot of axing to get it to where it is today. One of the scenes that I cut was from chapter one. Viviane, Daphne, and Erica were waiting to get a table in the Chinese restaurant.

I was dealing with my own anger at my childhood and used a lesson God taught me for Erica. As a child psychologist, she explains about her day and how a stress ball changed the way she viewed anger.

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