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A Journey into the World of Celiac Disease

Danger! Danger!

The headaches were getting worse and I had tried everything from over the counter pain medicine, allergy meds, and even crazy recommendations on Pinterest…

I drew the line at rubbing a lime across my forehead though.

During this time, I discovered oils and while it has been lifesaving for many reasons.

(Our new family motto – put some lavender on it.)

Nothing was making the terrible migraines go away.

It was going on over a year of a permanent, on-going, learning to live with the painful headaches.

I was desperate and praying for answers doctors could not give me. Spending most of my time laying down in dark rooms, tears streaming down my cheeks.

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About Me


I’m improvising today because it’s been a tough week. Definitely happy it’s Friday. Why? I was accidentally glutened by something I’ve been eating for months with no issues. Now, recovering from the gluten-migraine, I’m still proofing book four, writing book five, all the while working 40+ hours a week at my paying job… well, it was difficult to come up with a blog post for Friday.

Rough? Yes.

Problem? No, because God gave me a new 2nd grader to mentor.

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