Be Happy vs. Be Holy


“My girls, volunteering at Harvest House, freshly brewed coffee brought to me by Erin, sitting with the puppy in the morning cuddling, church, and singing in the choir…” Anne Boulier

“Tea, fuzzy socks, candles, and getting silly & laughing with friends.” Jess May

“Petting the dogs, being with family, my regular customers at work, embroidery – because it’s a little taste of how God must have felt creating the world out of nothing, church…” Erin Boulier

“Singing/performing, the first sip of latte with the foam, and my dog – Gabby.” Jay Sticka

“Kongs, my people, napping, Kongs… Kongs…” Bandit, Daschund

“When Erin comes home from work & cuddles with me, and oh & carrots, lots of carrots.” Peppermint, Maltese

“Flowers – gardening, animals, cappuccino and baked goods.” Katie Spangler

Hap·py (adjective) feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the phrase “Do what makes you happy!” on notebooks, art décor, pens, and I could go on and on…

As someone who has struggled with depression, PTSD, and panic attacks – happiness can be hard to hold onto. It’s fleeting, temperamental, and seems most often an elusive feeling I can’t hold onto for long.

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