Restoring Grace, Writing 101

Meet Cole West & Delia Anne Mays

Welcome Back!

In August, my first novel Restoring Grace will be available for purchase. I thought I would include two of my character description sheets I used to help me write my novels. One page of insightful information about each major character that might or might not end up in my novels but still drives character actions.

These type of description character sheets are useful for:

  • Keeping up with my characters’ physical descriptions from book to book
  • To make sure the characters don’t have the same personality and look
  • Information for future characters
  • General organization

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About Me

Home is where your heart is…

Gables apartment, my first home
Gables Apartment- where I was standing.

I could tell you exactly where I was standing in my midtown apartment at Gables. In the living room facing my bedroom door, I stood there with tears streaming down my face. I was at the first place I had ever felt safe and at home. Only, I was leaving to move back to Cartersville. I was furious.

I stood in there with my fist raised, very Scarlet O’Hara, and yelled at God that I didn’t want to go back to Cartersville, to let me stay in MY home, my beautiful apartment that my mother and I had painstakingly decorated ourselves.

But God said NO.

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