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Hope*Writer Mastermind Series: Daytona Strong

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For part two of my Introduction of The Talented Women of the Hope*Writers mastermind, I want you to meet Daytona Strong. Daytona is a journalist turned food writer and author of several GORGEOUS cookbooks. Specializing in Scandinavian baking steeped in a rich heritage from beloved grandmothers, she puts her love of family and community into every aspect of her life.

The first time I saw Daytona was in the lobby of our hotel for a mixer the first night together in our first March meeting face to face, she was in a lovely, classic dress and the smile on her sweet face would have lit up a small city.

To me, Dayton is a mixture of the best qualities of Donna Reed, Martha Stewart, and Jackie O all rolled into one sweet friend. Classic, motherly, and a wonderful cook, this vibrant woman can do anything she sets her mind to do. Being around her makes you feel you can do anything with a friend like her in your corner.

Her career started in journalism where she learned to “interview” life.

What do I mean?

To me, Daytona is a mixture of curiosity, honesty, and sincerity. When she asks you a question, it’s because she truly wants to know you better. She has a way of learning more about you all the while empowering you to look at life from a different perspective.

One of my first encounters with this sweet woman was when she introduced herself to the group and explained why she writes about Scandinavian baking. A touching story that had the entire group in tears.

While my family is very small, (really just my mother, sister, and I), because of Daytona’s kindness in sharing her story, I was reminded of the precious gift God gives us in families, no matter the size.

I’ve had the privilege in the last few months to have zoom meetings with her and one of her best friends. She pulled the three of us together knowing her friend and I would hit it off over a mutual love of mysteries and all things Jessica Fletcher. We call it Tea Time and spend an hour laughing, catching up, and supporting each other through prayer and community.

Daytona lives in Seattle, Washington but has strong ties to Norwegian roots by way of her dad born in Norway and her mother’s Norwegian heritage growing up in North Dakota.

She is an AVID reader, devouring books like the wonderful treats she bakes! Her love of the classics such as Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, and Les Misérables fits wonderfully with her classic character. She loves cats and is grateful YouTube has cat videos in abundance. Her tuxedo kitty named Ella is a recent addition, but already a loved member of the family.

She has a food blog, Outside Oslo, which is loaded with tons of great recipes. I’ve been delighted to see she has gluten-free recipes for me to try. Her Swedish Meatballs are on my list to try because the recipe is GLUTEN-FREE!

Gluten Free

Be sure to check out her Instagram and Facebook pages because the photos are stunning and will have you drooling on your screen.

I hope you enjoyed meeting, Daytona, a remarkable, talented woman I am blessed to call friend. 

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,

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Please note photos for this blog post are from my friend’s website and Instagram feed.