How to Balance My Life as a Christian Writer


I’m learning quickly I have no sense of Balance when it comes to the TO-DO list in my life.

The second Friday in April and I’m already thinking about August…

Not because of summer

Or because of an epic vacation planned for the month of sunshine

Not even because I want it to be closer to Christmas

But because it’s when my next novel is available.

Crazy, right?


I’m also thinking of December, not because of Christmas, but my sixth novel comes out before Christmas and I’m itching to start writing it.

As a writer, I have a million things running through my head constantly. Made worse, because I’m female, a triple-A personality, and a C on the disc profile which means I’m a planner, list maker. It also means, I am terrible at balancing it all without giving 110% to everything, which quickly will burn a superhuman being out, let alone me.


Struggling to Balance:

Write Book 6, Giving Grace

Edit Book 5, Healing Grace

Promote Book 4, Renewed by Grace

Social Media

Blog Posts

Easter outfit

Craft with my mentee

Lunch for the next week…

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… Then I Lost My Flash Drive

I had a different post planned for today and then I lost my flash drive… lost

But let’s start at the beginning…

I am a creature of habit and I like my routine for my personal life, anyway. I recognize that my job as a manager in the Custom Design Studio at Shaw Contract is ALL ABOUT CHANGE which is why I cling to my routine at home. I have had this week planned for months… Up on Sunday morning early to write, church, last afternoon of the craft fair and then holiday week to write, rest, and get some fun things done for my writing… and then I lost my flash drive…

All was looking good… I had all but three chapters left for book four being completed, my sister was moving in with my Mom and me on Monday, and even though the house was a DISASTER it was only temporary because we would clean some the week, I was on vacation to prep for Christmas decorating on Friday after Thanksgiving… and then I lost my flash drive… Continue reading “… Then I Lost My Flash Drive”

Restoring Grace

What’s in a Name? Divine Inspiration

Viviane's Name inspirationIt never ceases to amaze me where inspiration will come from. Something I hear or see can send me off to another place as inspiration for my writing. It can be word, picture, or phrase that prompts me further along in my novel from some of the most unlikely places.

I did not suddenly wake up one day and decide to start writing the Grace Series, but it did happen rather quickly and with little effort on my part in the beginning. For more detail about the beginning of the Grace Series, click here.

Experiences I had begun to weave together to help create Viviane’s story. Different aspects came to me, I’d see something and the story just started to take shape.

You say – How? I know you’re asking!

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