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Hope Writer Mastermind Series: Caroline Collie

Writer, & Speaker, Homeschooling Momma

I can’t wait for you to meet my friend, Caroline Collie. A writer and speaker, this fabulous lady is a homeschool momma, wife, and writer. A lovely sense of humor, her blog posts gently infuse that humor while teaching you how to deepen your faith. 

Caroline Collie sends out weekly devotionals, provides annual 30 Days Deeper Bible Studies, and is a phenomenal speaker. One of the many things I love about Caroline is her ability to take a simple, everyday moment in life and point the way to deepening your walk with Jesus. When she speaks, I find myself mesmerized by her stories.

I aim to inspire everyone who encounters my words to find a deeper walk with Jesus.
Caroline Collie
Writer & Speaker

During our first in-person meeting in March 2020, I got the chance to hear Caroline talk about her son, Blake. She told the amazing story of when she had to rush her eight-year-old to the ER to be told her boy had a brain bleed. (It’s a beautiful story and I won’t go into detail because you should read it for yourself in her own words. Blake’s Story) I remember listening to this story and was awed by God’s goodness. It was a story of grace, love, and faith.

Flash forward to October 2020, I was waiting to meet a literary agent to see about possibly publishing my first mystery novel. I had rushed to finish the story in less than a month to be ready for this important meeting. I was nervous but truly believe my publishing dreams were finally going to come true. That it was God-ordained.

I had a breakfast of gluten-free cereal while sitting across the table from Caroline. She told me about writing a screenplay surrounding her son’s hospitalization and the miracle God performed. I remember her telling me that the whole ordeal read like a story.

It was easy to write because God is the original writer.
Caroline Collie
Writer & Speaker

She retold me the story at that breakfast and reminded me again of the song “Raise a Halleluiah” with its importance in Blake’s miracle. A constant reminder that God is in control and we should rejoice because he is a good God. No matter what happens.

I went to my interview, confident in the outcome, and let me tell you on seven minutes later, I left that meeting in tears. I felt rejected, mocked, betrayed, and completely alone. I rushed to my room, called my Mom, and told her how badly it went. She encouraged me and made sure I was going to be okay. I still felt my heart was broken but I turned on my worship playlist and laid down on the bed in my hotel room. The first song that play was “Raise a Halleluiah.” As I cried my eyes out, it was my own personal reminder from God via Caroline Collie that God was the ultimate author. I just needed to trust Him and the story He is writing for me.

Be sure to check out Caroline Collie’s website and sign up for her newsletter. You will be blessed and encouraged. Besides devotionals and a blog to strengthen your faith, she also has a free Crisis eBook along with parenting resources on her website.

I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse of Caroline Collie’s awesomeness. Be sure to find her on social media as well.

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,

new beginnings
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Hope*Writer Mastermind Series: Katie Kibbe

Coach, Writer, & Speaker

For my next introduction of a fabulous Hope*Writers Mastermind friend, I’m excited to have you meet Katie Kibbe. She is a true superwoman, a trifecta as a coach, writer, and speaker. This lovely woman helps women to embrace their stories so they can live confident in their calling.

In her own words…

Stories have the power to change lives and they need to be shared. I help women make sense of their missional moments so they can leave a lasting legacy with their family and community. I also help faith-based writers gain clarity and confidence so they can share their own transformational messages.

Our lives are made up of Missional Moments that define who we are and what we stand for. If we mine these moments and understand their meaning, our stories transform into a message that connects us with others. Our Missional Moments propel us to make a positive impact in other’s lives. The life-changing power of your message multiplies when your story is shared in conversations among women.
Katie Kibbe
Coach, Writer, Speaker

I can’t say when I first saw Katie. She showed up in Carlsbad with her sweet, loving spirit and was always nearby when I needed a friend or someone to talk to. She sparkled and glowed, always with a smile on her face and arms ready to hug a friend.

Katie is a talented writer and even better friend. She encourages, gently nudges, and guides you on your way. If you’ve fallen, she helps you up, if your lost, she leads you back to your right path. Insightful and wise, when Katie speaks, people listen.

Multi-talented, Katie offers a variety of ways to grow and learn how to deepen your faith and share your own story.

  • Faith-based discussion guides
  • Devotional studies to help you grow
  • One-on-one- coaching
  • Content coaching for writers
  • Her Blog

Katie has lived all over the United States, and traveled all over the world. Wife and mother of two, she understands how life can impact our stories. A lovely sense of humor, love of Texas, which is where she grew up.

I think of Katie as the momma of our group. She works to keep up together and connected, usually spearheading efforts to make our time together strong and lasting.

Be sure to check out Katie Kibbe’s website to learn more and see all of the wonderful ways Katie can help you achieve your God-given purpose.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Katie, an insightful, loving woman I am blessed to call friend. 

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,

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Food Writer
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Hope*Writer Mastermind Series: Daytona Strong

Classy Baking Food Writer

For part two of my Introduction of The Talented Women of the Hope*Writers mastermind, I want you to meet Daytona Strong. Daytona is a journalist turned food writer and author of several GORGEOUS cookbooks. Specializing in Scandinavian baking steeped in a rich heritage from beloved grandmothers, she puts her love of family and community into every aspect of her life.

The first time I saw Daytona was in the lobby of our hotel for a mixer the first night together in our first March meeting face to face, she was in a lovely, classic dress and the smile on her sweet face would have lit up a small city.

To me, Dayton is a mixture of the best qualities of Donna Reed, Martha Stewart, and Jackie O all rolled into one sweet friend. Classic, motherly, and a wonderful cook, this vibrant woman can do anything she sets her mind to do. Being around her makes you feel you can do anything with a friend like her in your corner.

Her career started in journalism where she learned to “interview” life.

What do I mean?

To me, Daytona is a mixture of curiosity, honesty, and sincerity. When she asks you a question, it’s because she truly wants to know you better. She has a way of learning more about you all the while empowering you to look at life from a different perspective.

One of my first encounters with this sweet woman was when she introduced herself to the group and explained why she writes about Scandinavian baking. A touching story that had the entire group in tears.

While my family is very small, (really just my mother, sister, and I), because of Daytona’s kindness in sharing her story, I was reminded of the precious gift God gives us in families, no matter the size.

I’ve had the privilege in the last few months to have zoom meetings with her and one of her best friends. She pulled the three of us together knowing her friend and I would hit it off over a mutual love of mysteries and all things Jessica Fletcher. We call it Tea Time and spend an hour laughing, catching up, and supporting each other through prayer and community.

Daytona lives in Seattle, Washington but has strong ties to Norwegian roots by way of her dad born in Norway and her mother’s Norwegian heritage growing up in North Dakota.

She is an AVID reader, devouring books like the wonderful treats she bakes! Her love of the classics such as Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, and Les Misérables fits wonderfully with her classic character. She loves cats and is grateful YouTube has cat videos in abundance. Her tuxedo kitty named Ella is a recent addition, but already a loved member of the family.

She has a food blog, Outside Oslo, which is loaded with tons of great recipes. I’ve been delighted to see she has gluten-free recipes for me to try. Her Swedish Meatballs are on my list to try because the recipe is GLUTEN-FREE!

Gluten Free

Be sure to check out her Instagram and Facebook pages because the photos are stunning and will have you drooling on your screen.

I hope you enjoyed meeting, Daytona, a remarkable, talented woman I am blessed to call friend. 

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,

new beginnings

Please note photos for this blog post are from my friend’s website and Instagram feed.