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How to be a Fantastic Beta Reader

Beta Readers
Proofs of each of my novels

Beta Readers help make my novels better. How? They bring another pair of eyes to my writing which can catch:

Spelling errors I can’t see anymore because the text is so familiar to me and my editor.

Structure issues – making sure my story flows and doesn’t feel too rushed or too slow.

Strange wording that doesn’t make sense – either too wordy or phrases a common reader wouldn’t understand. Being a Southern girl, sometimes the phrases common in my life mean nothing to someone not born and raised in the South or even in my family!

Factual errors – I haven’t had EVERY job or experience I write about and Beta Readers can catch mistakes in careers, facts about dogs, or even places I haven’t been.

Consistency mistakes – saying it’s October at the beginning of the chapter and it’s September by the end, or having a character with blue eyes at the beginning of the novel, but brown toward the end.

Beta Readers are an important part of the writing process and I have been blessed with some fantastic beta readers…

But, it can be hard to find good beta readers and it helps to know what you need to look for:

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Grace Series, Restoring Grace

Media Kit/Press Release: Restoring Grace

Media Kit
Media Kit page 1


I’m officially a published author with actual book sells! I can’t tell you how blessed and honored I feel. In doing my research about book launches and promotions, I discovered I needed to create a Media Kit and Press Release to send out to promote my novels.

SO THEN CAME RESEARCH… I’m such a librarian’s daughter.

I read articles, looked at fellow authors, BIG AND SMALL and from there I came up with a list of what I wanted to included (taking ideas from other media kits) and came up with my own version for the Grace Series.


I think it came out really well. Don’t you?

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About Me

Elementary School Writer

My first novel is available for purchase as of Tuesday! If you aren’t able to see me live and in person- just know I looked like this. Having my first full novel available for people to buy and read has been scary and thrilling all at the same time. A lot of people ask me when did I start writing and the truth is I wrote my first novels in elementary school. My very first was titled, The Boy with No Toys. The Boy with No Toys, Written in the 3rd Grade

Books written through 4th Grade

Classy, right? For a small kid with terrible handwriting (I have the letter from my mother to prove it), I’ve certainly come a long way. THANK GOD FOR SPELL CHECK!

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