Grace Series, Renewed by Grace

A Taste of Renewed by Grace

Sneak Peak of Newest Novel: Renewed by Grace

Available April 30th, 2019


“Mom, please read another chapter. Pleassse?”

Andrea looked into her son’s green eyes and could see they were still red from crying earlier in the evening after James fussed at him to quit practicing the trumpet. He had yelled the noise was giving him a raging headache and then stormed out of the living room.

“It’s late, Joshua. You have school tomorrow.”

Joshua leaned forward, his eyes shining. “I know, but Skip’s in danger of being captured!”

Tousling his hair, Andrea smiled to see her serious little man acting like the five-year-old he really was. “Okay, but only one more chapter… no matter what happens. Deal?” She gave him her mother stare as she said, “You’ve got that big math test tomorrow.”

“Deal!” Joshua laid back down, snuggling under the sheets covered in spaceships and planets. “Besides, I’m really good at math and barely have to study.”

Rolling her eyes, Andrea said, “Don’t tell me that!” Continue reading “A Taste of Renewed by Grace”