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A Test and Faith Go Hand-in-Hand

TestPlanning something? Then, I’m sure you’ve heard the quote… it’s pretty popular…

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.

A well-known quote from Woody Allen.

Boy, is it true!

At the beginning of the year, I took time a few days planning all of my books in regards to writing, editing, Beta testing, and publishing. Detailed plans based by the month of what I need to accomplish to stick to my plan…

Well, it’s May and I’m not on schedule anymore… Beta testing for book five hasn’t started, I’ve barely worked on writing book six, and well the fourth novel…

I’ve promoted my fourth novel, Renewed by Grace heavily through the month of April with a launch date set for April 30.

There were NO problems with all of my planning, all was going well, and then BAM

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New Year, New Writing Goals 2019


It’s January, the time of goals and then, most often, broken goals

Are you a victim?

Last year, I had quite a few – my personal ones, not much success, BUT my writing goals…

WELL, I KNOCKED them out of the park!

Finish Editing 3 Books
Publish 3 Books
Launch Website/Blog
Write Book 4
Outline Book 5 and 6

Done, Done, Done!

My outlines for Book 5 and 6 are not complete but the bare bones are there! Which works for my 2018 goals, in my opinion anyway.

Sooo… a new year means NEW WRITING GOALS and I’m really excited about new ones since I actually met mine for last year!

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