Love Thy Self as a Single Godly Woman

Love Thy SelfLove Thy Self as a Single Godly Woman in a sometimes unlovable, unfriendly world can be difficult. I often feel the end of the year is the hardest because couple stuff hits you back to back. Family events for Thanksgiving and Christmas, followed quickly by the New Year’s Eve Parties with the Kiss to kick off a fresh new year with Valentine’s Day hot on its heels. All in an effort to knock you off your equilibrium developed to get you through the year being single.

At thirty-seven, it’s a repetitive merry-go-round of singleness I have been on far too long.



NOT FUN… Especially as a Christian single woman.

Really, unless you are single, you really don’t get it.

Honestly, sometimes I think being a Christian makes it worse.

I don’t like who I am being wrapped up in whether I am married or not.

I’m more than just a plus one or a minus one.

I’m a Godly woman. I have a voice. I am a warrior woman who fights for women who are lost, who’ve walked away from God and forgotten to whom they belong. Being a woman is hard, married or not. It’s always been hard to be a woman. History has proven that over and over again since Eve picked that fruit and the world has condemned her for it, never once mentioning ADAM WAS STANDING NEXT TO HER THE ENTIRE TIME!

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Starting Over when it’s Not My Idea…

Starting Over

Fresh Start, Redo, Starting Over… It sounds good when it’s your idea. But when it isn’t your idea, well that’s a different story.

Starting over when someone decides they don’t love you anymore… The job you are working at doesn’t work out… Or God tells you to move when you’re perfectly content where you are…

None of these fresh starts sound fun. They don’t fit into anyone’s plans.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t fit into God’s plans.

He knows they serve a purpose. His purpose.

God knew the heartache was coming. The layoff was on its way. The breakup. Even the guy who swerved in front of you, causing you to be late for the important meeting.

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… Then I Lost My Flash Drive

I had a different post planned for today and then I lost my flash drive… lost

But let’s start at the beginning…

I am a creature of habit and I like my routine for my personal life, anyway. I recognize that my job as a manager in the Custom Design Studio at Shaw Contract is ALL ABOUT CHANGE which is why I cling to my routine at home. I have had this week planned for months… Up on Sunday morning early to write, church, last afternoon of the craft fair and then holiday week to write, rest, and get some fun things done for my writing… and then I lost my flash drive…

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