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Bubble Bath Relaxation

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Bubble bath

 As a single mom, raising a fast-growing boy, Laura cherishes her bubble bath time late in the evenings when Brian is in bed and she can wash away her troubles and worries. Money is always tight, time is a luxury, but she can start the tub while she’s finishing up some chore and then can soak in the tub for thirty minutes before she goes to bed.

It’s not expensive to pick up some specialty soaps or bath salts, a little indulgence that takes nothing away from her son’s needs.

Sinking down into the bubbles, sometimes she lights a candle, and with only the tips of her purple toes poking up from the water, she listens to music.

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Relax & Rest Month 30 Days of Me

Relax“Relax”, he said. “I’ll fix it,” he said!

I was waiting for the tech guy at work to fix my computer, again! They got one problem solved, but then my internet was knocked out, and after that was fixed, my phone system wouldn’t work right…

Needless to say, it’s been a rough week, and I’m typing this on a Monday…

While I was waiting for the tech guy to finish, I was thinking about writing this post. I knew I wanted to address the REST and RELAX part from my blog on April 13, where I talk about Balance.

But doing so means I need to do some confessing…

I didn’t listen to my own writing… Since the post on balance and rest, I’ve finished a novel, edited another one, launched one, set up social media for the month of May and June. Worked 40+ hours a week on my non-writing job, spent some extra time with my mentee before school let out…

On and on, I could go with my to-do list.

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