Grace Series, Renewed by Grace

Mark’s Driving Music Playlist

DrivingFavorite Childhood Memories

Most of Mark’s favorite childhood memories revolved around his grandfather and tinkering on old cars in the rundown garage. Mark spent many hours in the summer and after school, eating cookies with his grandmother and then running out to the garage to “work” with Gramps.
His grandfather had several rusty old cars he was “fixing” and he loved to have help to keep him company. When Mark arrived, he would turn down the radio slightly and have long conversations with Gramps about life.
Mark’s grandfather died when he was still in elementary school, but he still remembers those long talks under the hood of the car, or more often than not, sitting in the ripped leather backseat talking about being a Godly-man, good husband, and good father.

Famous Author Buys Car Like His GrandpaDriving

When Mark knew he had made it as an author, he bought his favorite car, an Aston Martin, similar to what was in his Grandpa’s garage for years, waiting to be lovingly restored by someone. It hurt his young heart when his grandmother sold the car after his grandfather’s funeral. He vowed at a young age to have one of his own someday.
The one car rule is only music of the age of the car can be played. Taking Noah to grab ice cream after school, listening to Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, The Mamas & The Papas are some of his favorite times.

Passing On Lessons Learned When Driving

He plans to teach Noah about oil changes, tinkering on cars, and other “manly” information, but first, his grandson needs to learn about “real” music. Mark hopes when Eva is older, she’ll want to go for car rides with grandpa, too. He wants his granddaughter to know how to change the oil, as well.Driving
Mark typically listens to Christian music, based on not being saved until his son, Kip was a bit older. He felt he needed the constant reminder of God’s grace and love. His only exception is the driving music in the Aston Martin which reminds him of simpler times, happy times.

Mark’s Driving Music

Book Four in the Grace Series

Renewed by Grace will be available on April 30, 2019. The story of Andrea Cabot and Mark Lawson Hastings has become one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy. You can read more about the novel here.
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