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Noah and Grandpa’s Car Riding Playlist

Noah and his Grandpa

Noah knows he has the best grandpa in the entire world! Not only is he the famous author, Mark Lawson, who writes the coolest sci-fi books, but his grandpa is also writing a new kid’s series featuring Robot NOAH.

Grandpa Mark picks him up from school and instead of taking him straight home, they do cool stuff together. Noah’s favorite afternoon treat is stopping at the ice cream shop. He loves to get an ice cream cone before he has to do homework.

Since his grandfather is a writer, his hours are flexible which means Noah and his little sister can see him all the time.

Grandpa Mark isn’t all fun and games, though… he still makes Noah do his homework and behave, but that’s okay… His parent’s do the same thing.

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New Year, New Writing Goals 2019


It’s January, the time of goals and then, most often, broken goals

Are you a victim?

Last year, I had quite a few – my personal ones, not much success, BUT my writing goals…

WELL, I KNOCKED them out of the park!

Finish Editing 3 Books
Publish 3 Books
Launch Website/Blog
Write Book 4
Outline Book 5 and 6

Done, Done, Done!

My outlines for Book 5 and 6 are not complete but the bare bones are there! Which works for my 2018 goals, in my opinion anyway.

Sooo… a new year means NEW WRITING GOALS and I’m really excited about new ones since I actually met mine for last year!

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