Restoring Grace

Strong Southern Woman: Delia Anne’s Quotes

If you read my last post, California or Bust I hope you enjoyed reading more background about Delia Anne Mays. She’s one of my favorite characters because she reminds me so much of the women in my life. I took parts of my grandmother, mother, and a few other colorful women in my life to create Delia Anne. A true Southern lady full of class and grace.

Each one, strong and kind, all Southern ladies full of grace and wisdom. Delia Anne is a mix of them all.

In my first novel of the Grace Series, Delia Anne has come up with the perfect plan to bring her granddaughter back home to face the boyfriend who broke her heart ten years ago. She doesn’t know why they broke up but knows the two young people are perfect for each other. Deciding it’s her Christian duty to bring them back together after a sermon from her pastor. And if it means she has to fib about her health to do it – well that’s okay, because it will be worth it.

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