Accepting Grace, Grace Series

Getting To Know You… Questions

QuestionsQuestions & Answers with Hillary Blake

Anna Christine Boulier: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, Hillary. I know you’re busy with school after winter break.

Hillary Blake: A little, but it’s been too long since we got together to talk. When you suggested this, I knew I had to come running.

ACB: Laughing. Meeting at your favorite coffee shop didn’t hurt.

HB: You know me so well.

ACB: How are the kids?

HB: Which ones? My third graders or my kids?

ACB: Both?

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Accepting Grace, Grace Series

ISO a Nanny Interview with Luke Toledo

Luke Toledo, Firefighter in Marietta, Georiga

Good Morning Luke. I haven’t seen you since your sister’s funeral. How are you and the kids?

Luke Toledo: He sits in the empty chair across from Anna and with a weary look on his face. Okay, considering. I’m glad you were able to meet me for coffee. I’m reaching out to everyone I know in search of a nanny for my nieces and nephew. I go back to work in a week and need help desperately.

ACB: That’s why I’m here. I thought I’d find out more of what you need and are looking for in nanny so when I talk tell people, I can answer any questions they might have.

LT: That would be great. Well, let me see, I think the biggest would be someone who’s great with kids. Maybe someone older, who knows what they are doing.

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