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The Grace Shuffle

A Grace Series Word GameGrace Shuffle

You might think the Grace Shuffle is a new dance craze but you would be wrong.

Flashback to my childhood… to when we’d get the newspaper. I did what every kid did, I went straight to the comics. Fun, giggles, and laughter were always over too quickly.

Often, I would read Dear Abby and then solve the word jumble puzzles at the end of the comics. I’ve never been a big fan of crossword puzzles and just skipped those. See a previous post with a word search game.

The Jumble puzzle was fun and usually easy enough for me to figure out. It was a big accomplishment in my little world when I could solve all the answers and the fun question at the end!

When I was deciding what to do for this week’s post, I thought about doing something fun for this Fourth of July weekend with a focus on rest and relaxation. I remembered the Jumble puzzle from my childhood and decided to create my own version featuring the Grace Series.

Ta-Dah! The Grace Shuffle was born.

Grace Shuffle

The first official Grace Shuffle is all about Restoring Grace, the first novel in the Grace Series which features Viviane Stanton Mays, a photographer living in Atlanta. Each word to be unscrambled relates back to the first book. For more about this novel, check it out here.

Solving the puzzle will give you another glimpse into Viviane’s life and teach you something about her that wasn’t in the book.

Download the puzzle now and don’t forget to check out the answers once you’ve solved it, of course!

Restoring Grace Shuffle  Restoring Grace Shuffle Answers

I enjoyed creating this fun game and plan to have more pop up here and there. I set up a template for future Shuffles and can’t wait to create more.

Keep an eye out for another one!

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,