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Viviane’s Music Playlist

Viviane's Music PlaylistViviane is known for her love of strange music. She doesn’t know the top forty in Rock or Country songs. She couldn’t tell you what the music stars look like and sing about. If Beyoncé walked up to her, she wouldn’t know she was in the presence of someone famous.

Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Sammie Davis, Etta James, Ray Charles… these are the musicians who matter to Viviane. She could listen to old jazz songs with their bluesy notes and trumpet hitting those low tones, no matter her mood.

How did this come about? Simple… Viviane’s father loved them.

Greg Stanton played those old records all the time. While his wife was cooking dinner, he would often scoop Viviane off her chair and dance her around the table. Washing dishes after a meal, he was known to waltz with his wife, suds on his hands. Dinner each night was at the dinner table with a blues number softly playing in the background.

Every month, Greg would take Viviane out on a “date” night. Her daddy would often find a blues festival or a restaurant with a bluegrass band to eat at. Viviane loved her daddy, and even though he was a terrible singer, he was a great dancer and better father.

Every time Viviane puts on a Frank Sinatra song or BB King, her heart remembers dancing with her daddy. She smiles, and sings along, knowing she’s not the best singer or even that good of a dancer, but like her daddy, she loves the blues.

Please enjoy this song list of some of Viviane’s favorites. This would be on her playlist for a car ride or while she edits photos of a wedding she just shot with Kathy, her boss, and mentor.

Viviane Stanton May’s Blues Music Playlist

Viviane's music Playlist

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