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The hardest part for me as a writer isn’t the writing, editing, creating book covers or even formatting my novel for publishing – no the hardest part for me personally is to promote!

I’m TERRIBLE at saying “Look at what I’ve done.”

On my lunch break, I type/edit/create at work, and have done so for years, and yet there are still many people in my office that have no idea I’m a writer. It’s just not in me to ask people to read my books.


Even as a kid, fundraisers for school were awful. Thankfully, Mom took the papers to her work where people signed up. I couldn’t ask for myself.

SO… where does that leave me, a self-published author with three books to promote and more on the way?!?

I’m glad you asked:


Four Easy Steps:

  1. Buy the books
  2. Read the books
  3. Share about the books/author
  4. Book talk invites

Simple, right?

#1 Buy the booksPromote

This seems really simple, but while it’s important, it doesn’t end with this step. It’s just the beginning!
You can buy the books from Amazon to receive a paperback copy, or shop Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.
If you live in or near Cartersville. Contact me for a copy! I’ll happily sign it and give it to you directly!

#2 Read the booksPromote

Again, seems simple but a crucial step because it hard to share about the books if you haven’t read them!
***Even if you’re not a big reader you can skip to step #3 for ways to help promote an author friend.


#3 Share about the books/author

If you’re a supporter, some of these ideas work whether you’ve read the novel or not! Anyone can help promote a favorite author!
PLEASE DO NOT write false reviews or support me if you do not feel it is justified. I would never ask someone to lie or give false praise.

1. Write a Review at Amazon and Goodreads by visiting my author page. Just follow the links.
  Reviews are the bread and butter for the author! Self-published or not, reviews on Amazon help make or break you.

20-25 Reviews: Amazon will include you in the “also bought” and “you might like this” lists.
50-70 Reviews: Amazon spotlights the book and features it in their newsletter.

Business Card: Front & Back

 2. Share Business Cards
   Please contact me at wr****@ac*******.com and I’ll happily send you a stack.

 3. Talk about books/author on social media

  Social Media is a wonderful way to help an author. Post a picture of one of my novels – being read, traveling
for a trip, for plane reading, or simply snuggle up in bed with your favorite four-legged kid.

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Gift Ideas, anyone?

 4. Buy and Donate books as gifts
  Do you have someone who’s hard to shop for?
  Someone who always has a book in their hands?
  Maybe a non-saved family member or friend who could use a little bit of Grace?
  Need ideas about what to give for Christmas?
  Teens, Young adults, Over 50, Under 50? 

Give books! I’ll be happy to sign them!

promote#4 Book talk invites

This author and storyteller wants to meet readers of all ages!
I enjoy talking about my writing and what God has done in my life.
If you’re a part of a group who would like to have me as a guest at

Your Church
Women’s Group
Sunday School Class
Book Club, etc.
Contact me and I’d love to meet your tribe.

I have endless stories of God’s Grace in my life. Stories of growing up in Cartersville, living in Atlanta, struggling to be a Christian in college… you name it and I have a story that would work for your event. All of them featuring truth, love, and GRACE.

What Next?

My last novel for 2018 will be published on October 23, Trusting Grace. I will spend the rest of this year and the first part of 2019, working on future novels and promoting published and coming soon novels.

I would not be where I’m at without the love and support from family, friends, and readers.

Thank you for your continued support and promotion of writing. Together we can spread the word about God’s Grace to a hurting world.

 Until next time, may God’s Grace surround you,