How to Balance My Life as a Christian Writer


I’m learning quickly I have no sense of Balance when it comes to the TO-DO list in my life.

The second Friday in April and I’m already thinking about August…

Not because of summer

Or because of an epic vacation planned for the month of sunshine

Not even because I want it to be closer to Christmas

But because it’s when my next novel is available.

Crazy, right?


I’m also thinking of December, not because of Christmas, but my sixth novel comes out before Christmas and I’m itching to start writing it.

As a writer, I have a million things running through my head constantly. Made worse, because I’m female, a triple-A personality, and a C on the disc profile which means I’m a planner, list maker. It also means, I am terrible at balancing it all without giving 110% to everything, which quickly will burn a superhuman being out, let alone me.


Struggling to Balance:

Write Book 6, Giving Grace

Edit Book 5, Healing Grace

Promote Book 4, Renewed by Grace

Social Media

Blog Posts

Easter outfit

Craft with my mentee

Lunch for the next week…

It’s a never-ending to do list!

Right now, is a difficult time for me as a writer, because writing stories are my favorite part of the whole process, but I also have to edit, promote, and work my other 9-5 job. I’ve just finished writing book five, Healing Grace, and I’m thinking ahead to future novels.

My writing process typically goes this way:

Step 1: Start writing a novel, prepped with an outline of the first half of the book, and the last chapter!

**Seriously, no joke, when I start writing, I don’t have the middle of the book!

Step 2: Write the first half of the novel. (Usually while promoting the previous books, keeping my website up to date, and writing blog posts like these!)

I’m already thinking about next book after the one I’m writing because my novels are a series, and I try to pepper in future main characters into the previous book, which means I need information about the future characters even before I have a full outline for the current book I’m writing.



But, I love it!

The hard part is finding a balance.

I spent Monday – Friday of the first week in April not working on my writing, website, blogs, social media… etc.

It was hard… but I also had a lot of fun, too!

I went to lunch with friends, spent time with my mom and puppy, Bandit. Did a lot of fun reading of one of my favorite authors, Clive Cussler. (I talk more about Mr. Cussler’s influence on my writing in a previous week’s blog post.)

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but I’m struggling with feeling frazzled and way behind.

TRUTH – I felt that way before I took a few days away and I know I’m better for having taken the days of rest.

I’d love to tell you I was able to come up with a plan to balance my writing, promoting, editing, being social, spending time with family, but I haven’t!

It’s hard to juggle all of the pieces, but THANK GOD, He helps when we ask.

I’m going to spend the next week praying for tools to help me find a balance. I’ve started a Bible Study about rest, which I hope will help me hear the answers I know God has for me in my balance situation.

I’m writing this blog post as a way to hold myself accountable. It’s hard to admit to the world I’ve been using my writing ministry as a replacement for spending time with God.

I put on some good Christian worship music, and type away –








WOW! That’s hard to admit, but on Tuesday of last week my new Bible Study on REST arrived and I’m starting over, fresh and new.


I do still feel my writing is one of my gifts and God wants me to reach His children through my stories, but whatever our talents are, they are NOT a way to get out of spending time with the Creator, the One who loves us most, the Giver of Grace.

Hopefully, I’ll have some answers in the next few weeks and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the journey.

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,