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Cover Reveal for Renewed by Grace

cover reveal


So, how’d I do? Do you like it?

Surprised? Happy? Pleased?

I struggled with this cover. I only had one idea I wanted for the cover and it was a beagle. Andrea adopts a sweet beagle mix from the Etowah Humane Society to keep her company. I knew a cute beagle was really the only option for the cover.


Finding the right photo. Remember my previous blog post about my first three novel covers? If you don’t, you can read the blog HERE.

I’d tried a dog before, a chocolate lab like Moses for Restoring Grace AND IT DIDN’T WORK.

What made me think I could get a beagle to work this time?!?

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Grace Series

Can I Get A Cover?

CoverFebruary has been a busy month, filled with preparing for taxes and a dental cleaning appointment. People I typically don’t see often. It was exciting to show these two people my first three published books in the Grace Series. I enjoy people’s reactions when they see my paperback novels because they are surprised at the quality of my cover design and book layout. This viewing was no different.

When I started this whole process, I researched every phase and I knew I was going to self-publish, but originally planned to have my covers designed by a professional graphic designer. My Photoshop skills are not as strong as I would have liked for the quality cover, I knew I wanted.

I researched the best and most economical cover designers and came across Reedsy. Very professional online company for editing, cover design, and more. I reached out to three designers whose profile I liked and asked for a quote for three cover designs.

The prices I got back were varied. Everything from $850 for one cover to $1500 for one cover. GULP. I ended up getting in contact one with one who offered to do all 3 for $1200. I felt that was doable and we were about to begin the process when I got very sick.

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