Love Thy Self as a Single Godly Woman

Love Thy SelfLove Thy Self as a Single Godly Woman in a sometimes unlovable, unfriendly world can be difficult. I often feel the end of the year is the hardest because couple stuff hits you back to back. Family events for Thanksgiving and Christmas, followed quickly by the New Year’s Eve Parties with the Kiss to kick off a fresh new year with Valentine’s Day hot on its heels. All in an effort to knock you off your equilibrium developed to get you through the year being single.

At thirty-seven, it’s a repetitive merry-go-round of singleness I have been on far too long.



NOT FUN… Especially as a Christian single woman.

Really, unless you are single, you really don’t get it.

Honestly, sometimes I think being a Christian makes it worse.

I don’t like who I am being wrapped up in whether I am married or not.

I’m more than just a plus one or a minus one.

I’m a Godly woman. I have a voice. I am a warrior woman who fights for women who are lost, who’ve walked away from God and forgotten to whom they belong. Being a woman is hard, married or not. It’s always been hard to be a woman. History has proven that over and over again since Eve picked that fruit and the world has condemned her for it, never once mentioning ADAM WAS STANDING NEXT TO HER THE ENTIRE TIME!

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FIRE ALARM: Little & Big Fears Holding Us Back

Fire Alarm FearsI’m afraid of fire alarms. Like, really afraid, can keep me up at night if I let it, afraid.

Crazy, huh?

I know it’s a silly fear, especially since I know how it started.

I was in the third grade and was sent to the office to drop off something for my third-grade teacher, Ms. Ely.

When I finished my task, Mr. Peterson told me something and I couldn’t understand him. Instead of asking him to repeat himself, I just nodded my understanding and made my way back to the classroom.

This happened a lot and I still nod my head when I don’t understand someone, even after asking several times. Eventually, I just give up and nod my head in agreement.

Almost back to my classroom, I had just passed the girl’s bathroom and was practically skipping down the hall. When I was just under the fire alarm when it went off.

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Restoring Grace

California or Bust

Delia Anne and Walt’s Love StoryDelia Anne and Walt's Love Story

The background love story about Delia Anne Mays, a character in Restoring Grace.

“Grand, I’m home.”

“I’m in the living room. I put a snack for you on the table.”

Viviane put her book bag down and grabbed the celery and peanut butter before moving to the living room. Bring a small plate, she sat down next to Grand on the couch and began to munch.

Grand looked over, surprised to see she was so quiet. Usually, Viviane came in talking about her day or what she had learned in school. “You’re awful quiet this afternoon.”

Viviane only nodded but didn’t speak. Grand waited her out. She’ll talk when she’s ready.

After her snack was gone, Viviane set her plate down and turned to face Grand. “All of the girls are pairing off with boys. It’s crazy at school. I never know who’s dating who or who’s angry at who because of a recent breakup. I’m only in middle school and can’t believe this is happening.”

Grand chuckled, “Only for a few more weeks, and then you’ll be a ninth grader. Plus, you just turned fourteen. It’s that time.”

Viviane started blushing, “Grand. Not the birds and bees talk. That was awful.”

Frowning, Grand thought, It wasn’t that bad. I had pictures and everything!

Ignoring Viviane’s comment, Grand said, “Not everyone can be like your Grandpa and me.”

“OH? You’ve never told me how the two of you met.”

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