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The Grace Shuffle

A Grace Series Word GameGrace Shuffle

You might think the Grace Shuffle is a new dance craze but you would be wrong.

Flashback to my childhood… to when we’d get the newspaper. I did what every kid did, I went straight to the comics. Fun, giggles, and laughter were always over too quickly.

Often, I would read Dear Abby and then solve the word jumble puzzles at the end of the comics. I’ve never been a big fan of crossword puzzles and just skipped those. See a previous post with a word search game.

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Grace Series, Restoring Grace

Media Kit/Press Release: Restoring Grace

Media Kit
Media Kit page 1


I’m officially a published author with actual book sells! I can’t tell you how blessed and honored I feel. In doing my research about book launches and promotions, I discovered I needed to create a Media Kit and Press Release to send out to promote my novels.

SO THEN CAME RESEARCH… I’m such a librarian’s daughter.

I read articles, looked at fellow authors, BIG AND SMALL and from there I came up with a list of what I wanted to included (taking ideas from other media kits) and came up with my own version for the Grace Series.


I think it came out really well. Don’t you?

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Restoring Grace

Erica’s Anger and the Stress Ball

Stress BallMy first novel underwent A LOT of changes before the final proof for publishing. (STORY HERE) When I first wrote Restoring Grace – it was over 115,000 WORDS! I did a lot of axing to get it to where it is today. One of the scenes that I cut was from chapter one. Viviane, Daphne, and Erica were waiting to get a table in the Chinese restaurant.

I was dealing with my own anger at my childhood and used a lesson God taught me for Erica. As a child psychologist, she explains about her day and how a stress ball changed the way she viewed anger.

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