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Photoshop Tips for Images: Part II of Social Media Management

How I Manage My Social Media Accounts

Part 2: Photoshop Tips for creating beautiful images & graphics

 “You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” Ansel Adams

After focusing earlier in the month on how I manage my social media accounts through a spreadsheet, today’s post looks at creating the images for my three main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But first, a quick recap of Part 1:

On June 5, I broke down my steps for managing my social media accounts. (Post Here) I had a lot more information to include but realized I needed several posts to cover all of the information.

1: Create Monthly Social Media List in Excel

2: Put in Holiday/National Days, and Plan Blog Posts for the Month

3: Plan how to tie to a Novel, Author, Writing, etc. for each day I will post

4: Planning photos for each post and social media account

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