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A Journey into the World of Celiac Disease

Danger! Danger!

The headaches were getting worse and I had tried everything from over the counter pain medicine, allergy meds, and even crazy recommendations on Pinterest…

I drew the line at rubbing a lime across my forehead though.

During this time, I discovered oils and while it has been lifesaving for many reasons.

(Our new family motto – put some lavender on it.)

Nothing was making the terrible migraines go away.

It was going on over a year of a permanent, on-going, learning to live with the painful headaches.

I was desperate and praying for answers doctors could not give me. Spending most of my time laying down in dark rooms, tears streaming down my cheeks.

One night, my mother couldn’t fall asleep and like any other modern American woman, she was looking on Pinterest. She discovered a little list of symptoms for Celiac Disease and I had pretty much the entire list!

We talked about it the next morning and starting the next Monday, I made the transition to go gluten-free… and the headaches didn’t go away…

Wait, what?

You see, I was still cheating with a sausage ball for breakfast with flour mixed in. The headaches were so bad, I remember saying, “Okay, God. I’m desperate, I’ll go completely gluten-free.”


It had been over two years since I had not had a constant migraine. I couldn’t believe it!

This process has not been easy, there have been A LOT of changes, education, and giving up many of my favorite foods, but not having the headaches makes the journey worth it. Just ask me after I’m accidentally glutened and my migraines come back with a vengeance in less than thirty minutes!

My family had to go gluten-free for the most part when around me. Much of my eating out and attending social events is curtailed because if I can’t read the label or go somewhere with a gluten-free menu – I don’t eat it.

Because I went gluten-free, when I finally found a gastro specialist, it was too late to be diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It would mean eating gluten again for AT LEAST THREE MONTHS for the tests to work.


The official diagnosis isn’t worth it. My doctor and I agreed to treat my symptoms as part of the disease. To be careful of cross-contamination because I do react when I’m not careful and move forward as a gluten-free Georgia girl, writer, sister, daughter, and friend.

I’ve met some wonderful people along this journey and we’re quick to share tips and tricks, recipes, and cool food finds.

It’s been over a year now and looking back, I’m so proud I did this for my health. It’s not easy giving up the food you love, even when it makes you sick. I have to tell you, I’m not starving and eat wonderful food EVERY DAY!

My friends and co-workers have embraced this new part of my life. They often my team makes me gluten-free food when we have events so I can participate.

I am a blessed woman even with Celiac Disease!

Are you a recently diagnosed Celiac, or just gluten-free because of an intolerance? For me, it’s not a fad, but a lifestyle and I’d love to chat, share recipes, tips, and tricks!

It’s always nice to have a friend to walk the journey with you.

For more information about Celiac Disease, you can go to the page website.

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,