About Me

A Journey into the World of Celiac Disease

Danger! Danger!

The headaches were getting worse and I had tried everything from over the counter pain medicine, allergy meds, and even crazy recommendations on Pinterest…

I drew the line at rubbing a lime across my forehead though.

During this time, I discovered oils and while it has been lifesaving for many reasons.

(Our new family motto – put some lavender on it.)

Nothing was making the terrible migraines go away.

It was going on over a year of a permanent, on-going, learning to live with the painful headaches.

I was desperate and praying for answers doctors could not give me. Spending most of my time laying down in dark rooms, tears streaming down my cheeks.

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About Me, Grace Series

Gluten-Free Writer

It’s amazing how God uses events in my life to go into my novels. Each story contains bits and pieces of me, I want to feature my allergy and going gluten-free in book six, Giving Grace.

Last Saturday, I went to a gluten-free expo at the Cobb Galleria. My mom and I drove down, spent over an hour looking and tasting. It was wonderful because I didn’t have to worry about allergies, and could focus on having fun and EATING.

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Locations in Grace Series, Restoring Grace

Cartersville: Places and Spaces

Fall in Georgia

Cartersville is the main setting for my first novel and I feature some of my favorite places in many of my scenes. I grew up in Cartersville, and it was a great city to grow up in. Beautiful, peaceful, and close enough to the big city to visit, but it still has the country, backwoods feel.

My favorite season is Fall because of the leaves turning their vibrant colors all over Georgia, God’s beautiful canvas on display for all to see. One of the reasons my novel starts in September is because of my love for this season. It’s slowly starting to cool off after a hot July and August, school is starting, and the holidays are right around the corner.

Let’s take a little tour of the Georgia I love, based on my novel, Restoring Grace.

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