About Me

Mission Statement/ Vision Statement and Values

Anna Christine Boulier- Writing Testimony

Mission Statement

I write as part of my testimony, telling stories about God’s grace and love through contemporary Christian Romance. My goal is to show people, especially women about their loving God who sends us abundant gifts of grace every day. I am a child of God, a hope-filled, walking example of God’s grace.

Vision Statement

To use my writing talent to help others grow strong in their faith, seeing God in new and profound ways.


Values and Beliefs

I am passionate about my calling as a writer and storyteller.

I will build trusting and strong relationships with readers, connecting over our common ground as God’s creation.

I will remember I am accountable to not only God, but also my readers.

I will encourage others in faith, always showing gratitude for what God has given me.

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ACB Mission Statement

Writing a mission statement isn’t an easy process, it requires thinking about who you are and what you want: your business, life, and goals. It’s your purpose!

I feel everyone, even if you don’t have a business, should have a mission statement. It tells you why you’re on this planet. It helps you check in with God about your purpose on earth.

Your vision statement is different and I think harder to write, because it is a statement of the desired future- what you want to achieve with your life.

I tried to free write after doing research about writing these statements… and it led nowhere. I struggled with what I wanted to say and needed a better understanding of what God’s purpose was for my writing. I prayed for Him to answer and then went to bed, trusting He would!

God is good, because when you ask, He answers.

I woke up the next morning, and before I could even start my day, the words started pouring out of my heart. God wrote my mission statement, value statement and values in less than an hour.

Point? ASK GOD for direction, your purpose, your reason on earth. He has one for you, and you don’t have to be a business owner, blog writer, or entrepreneur. You don’t even have to be a child of God, yet… because He has a purpose for your life, whether you’re serving Him right now or not.

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,