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Talk with a Dental Hygienist & Mom

Dental HygienistQ & A: Laura Flowers

Thank you for joining me on your lunch break, Laura. Anna Christine Boulier looks up from her hot chocolate to smile at her friend, wearing scrubs because she’s on a break from her job as a dental hygienist.

*Laura Flowers, young, single mom of adorable fifth-grader, slides into a seat at the local coffee shop in Cartersville.

LF: It’s been forever since we chatted. I was happy for the excuse to grab a cup of something decadent. With a growing boy, I don’t splurge very often. *She’s clutching a small cup of a Frappuccino that looks delicious.

ACB: What do you splurge on then?

LF: Bath stuff, salts, scrubs, candles, anything to make the lovely master bath in my home feel a little like a spa after a long day at work.

ACB: I know you have a career as a dental hygienist. Have you always wanted a career in dentistry?

LF: *Laughs at me. Don’t make that face. I know your opinion of my profession as a dental hygienist.

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The Grace Shuffle

A Grace Series Word GameGrace Shuffle

You might think the Grace Shuffle is a new dance craze but you would be wrong.

Flashback to my childhood… to when we’d get the newspaper. I did what every kid did, I went straight to the comics. Fun, giggles, and laughter were always over too quickly.

Often, I would read Dear Abby and then solve the word jumble puzzles at the end of the comics. I’ve never been a big fan of crossword puzzles and just skipped those. See a previous post with a word search game.

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