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A Quantum Case for God Book Review

I chose A Quantum Case for God by Dennis Zetting for January’s New Beginnings theme because Zetting’s book explains how God created the Universe in Genesis through Quantum Physics and String Theory. It was an amazing read and I spent most of the time reading it, absolutely amazed at God’s wonderful power and gaining more insight into the Bible. God laid all of that knowledge into the Bible for us before the beginning of time. Even with what we know with all our knowledge, we are just now grasping the laws of physics, God had the laws of quantum physics written by men who didn’t know Newton’s Laws of Gravity. Just another wonderful sign of God’s sense of humor.

A Quantum Case for God

Dennis Zetting, Author

Quantum Physics/String Theory/God

194 pages

Quantum Physics
Front and Back Cover of A Quantum Case for God by Dennis Zetting

Target Audience would be some general science background including Quantum Physics, and/or atheists, believers in the big bang, and creationists, believers in God.

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The author’s goal with this book was to connect Quantum & String Physics, newer sciences that explore more than what we can see, hear, and touch, with God, proving He exists. Zetting breaks down the science of light, the big bang, vibrations, and more through real-world examples and Bible verses to connect the Bible and God through science.

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Funny Little Prayers

God has a sense of humor. He’s just plain funny! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

I love that about Him! Humor is important to me, because it helps you get through the dark days, and I’ve found in my lifetime, there have been a lot of dark days.

BUT… this is a funny story.

One day, out of the blue, I told God that I would like to see a two-humped Camel.Funny Camel Prayer

Dear God,

I’d really like to see a 2-hump camel in my lifetime.


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